The Definitive Food Index

Use this simple index to buy the best value food.


A new Food Index has evolved which gives help in choosing the best foods at the cheapest prices.

It also helps with your five-a-day plan .

It illustrates that the expensive foods are not always the best in value where your body and your budget are concerned.

Broccoli is rated at 100 on the percentage scale whereas expensive Lobster comes in lower down at 36.

As broccoli is the highest scoring vegetable, why not create a small vegetable plot and grow your own? See how it is done at

Our Gardening Diary

This is a definite case for being very selective when you are on a tight budget, and this research makes your search for cheap, nutritious foods so much easier.

The highest rated food, broccoli, scores 100, working downwards to an ice lolly which scores only 1.

The Nutritional Quality Index - Dr. David Katz

Type of food % score
Broccoli 100
Blueberries 100
Okra 100
Orange 100
Green beans 100
Pineapple 99
Radish 99
Summer squash 98
Apple 96
Green cabbage 96
Tomato 96
Clementine 94
Water melon 94
Mango 93
Red onions 93
Raisins (unsweetened) 91
Fresh figs 91
Grapes 91
Banana 91
Milk (skimmed) 91
Avacado 89
Oatmeal 88
Salmon fillet 87
Halibut fillet 82
Cod fillet 82
Talapia fillet 82
Oysters 81
Swordfish steak 81
Prawns 75
Shrimp 75
Clams 71
Monkfish fillet 64
Sparkling water (sodium free) 56
Milk (whole) 52
Scallops 51
Turbot fillet 51
Pasta 50
Turkey breast (skinless) 48
Tinned peas 49
Prunes 45
Lobster 36
Pork tenderloin 35
Beef steak 34
Turkey breast 31
Tinned peas 49
Prunes 45
Chicken breast 39
Lobster 36
Pork tenderloin 35
Beef steak 34
Turkey breast 31
Veal chop 31
Veal leg cutlet 31
Beef tenderloin 30
Chicken drumstick 30
Pork chop 28
Ham (whole) 27
Raisins (sweetened) 26
Green olives 24
Bagel 23
Peanut butter 23
Condensed cream Broccoli soup 21
Salted dry Roasted peanuts 21
Fried egg 18
Swiss cheese 17
Diet fizzy drinks 15
Non-streaky bacon 13
Pretzel sticks 11
Dark chocolate 10
White bread 9
Salami 7
Hot dog 5
Cheese puffs 4
Milk chocolate 3
Apple pie 2
Crackers 2
Fizzy drinks 1
Ice lolly 1

At first sight there would appear to be some peculiarities in the this Food Index, but there are reasons.

Lobster scores below other sea foods(36) because of the salt content and low level of healthy omega-3 fats.

Seafood lovers may look longingly at Oysters – they score well (81) because of the high levels of zinc, protein and omega-3 fats.

Raisins outscore olives but only when they are unsweetened.

All in all, while the various schemes by the Food Standards Agency and the others by the supermarkets can appear in conflict with each other, this Food Index seems to be a far more sensible, unbiased and rational system.

It is clear and makes selection of food very easy.

This new Index is the brainchild of Dr. David Katz, Director of Yale University-Griffin Hospital Prevention Research Centre and is independent of the food industry. Scientists from Oxford University assisted Dr. Katz with his methodology.

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