Flood Damaged Cars
and How to Detect Them

Is it possible to detect flood damaged cars?

Before you spend your good money, make sure you don't get caught and make a bad purchase.

When buying a used car always look at it with a 'question mark or two' firmly planted in your mind. The phrase 'a nasty suspicious mind' comes to the fore.

There are several obvious signs to look for that the trusting buyer could overlook.

Amongst these are

  • if there is debris or grass under the frame or
  • around the suspension or in or around the radiator,
  • waterlines in door pockets, interior trim, and the boot
  • even the engine compartment.
  • There may also be signs of rust on the inside of the vehicle, such as

  • on the bolts of the seat-belt anchor,
  • wires may be corroded,
  • the terminals may have a chalky white or green substance apparent, or
    or worse still,
  • there may be rust apparent on the outside of the body/wheels (see photograp).
  • If the car is not registered in your area, what is it doing so far away from home?

    A wise move would be to check the registration of the car for previous damage reports.

    One of the sites where you can do this is Check A Car

    You may not live in a recently flooded area, but flood damaged cars will still mysteriously appear when the determined owner wants to off-load his vehicle on an unsuspecting buyer.

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    One of the surest ways of avoiding being 'caught' with a flood damaged car is not to buy from a newspaper advert or someone that is not known to you. Instead, pick a reputable dealer in your area that you know and can trust and who has a good reputation to defend.

    Eventually it boils down to 'buyer beware' - caveat emptor!

    Another related page on this subject is Driving in Floods which may be worth a read because flooding can occur at any time of the year.

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