Five A Day Facts -
Grow Your Own Five A Day

Five a day facts and growing your own veg solve many problems at once.

  • You will know where the vegetables came from and how they were produced.

  • Vegetables are good for you and when home grown they will certainly cost less than those sold in the shops.

  • They will be fresher.
  • You will be getting exercise which is beneficial to you and last and -
    by no means least:

    “Science is starting to confirm what many people have suspected for years – a diet rich in fruit and vegetables can help slow down the ageing process, reduce the risk of developing age-related diseases and increase our chances of having a long, active life”

    Dr. Laurence J. Trueman,
    Lecturer in Nutrition at the University of Worcester.

    Confirming this – just take a look at any Beauty Sales area in your chemist or supermarket and consider the number of ‘Age Defying’ products on sale. If they worked surely there would be no old people around?

    Face up to the five a day facts. Try growing your own veg. instead. Remember - without you there is NOTHING.

    Even if your growing space is limited, tomatoes can be grown in Growbags, large pots and containers can be used, strawberries can be grown in hanging baskets and many vegetables look just fine grown in amongst your flowers. Some easy five a day facts - you don't need a large amount of space to make a start in the right direction.

    You will be out in the sunshine (yes, we will get some this year) and taking exercise, so you can dispense with the gym subscription and save money.

    Try and grow vegetables that are brightly coloured such as beetroot, tomatoes, carrots, spinach, broccoli, raspberries and strawberries as these fruits and vegetables have enormous advantages as far as beneficial minerals are concerned. So to make life easier for yourself concentrate on colourful veg. These are five a day facts.

    If you go to our pages The Food Index and here you will see brocolli tops the list.

    Free Gardening Tips contains masses of handy, money and time saving tips.

    Our Monthly Gardening Diary A month by month diary showing progress in our mini fruit and vegetable gardens.

    Look after your budget, look after yourself, get exercise, save money, make friends (if you have an allotment.

    In a recent TV programme on the price of foods, it was shown that supermarkets buy bunches of spring onions for 22p. and then sell them in their stores at 70p.

    Why not make the effort to grow your own veg and all from the cost of a few packets of seed. What excellent value for so little outlay.

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