Finding Cheaper Gas Suppliers

Finding cheaper gas is now very difficult.

Now there are so many price comparison sites available on the Internet finding cheaper gas is much easier.

It is possible to quickly source the best tariffs and find cheaper gas supplies.

This could save money - the rates they can offer can be an eye opener.

If you can combine your gas and electricity to come from the same supplier then you are likely to get a better deal.


1. Make sure your LPG tank is kept well topped up during winter periods.

To run out during this time would be to say the very least, uncomfortable. Most companies have an arrangement whereby you can top up at regular intervals. They turn up, provide you with the service and just send a bill on. You will need to calculate the amount you use each month in the winter and arrange your 'top-up times' on this basis.

It is also possible to rent your LPG Gas tank from the gas supplier. Check the ownership and any contract. See Tip No. 6 below.

2. If you run the central heating throughout the night, set the thermostat at 62 degrees when everyone is sleeping or alternatively switch it off completely during the night. Time it to come on again in the morning about half an hour before people are around, setting the thermostat at 70 during the day time.

It is always cheaper to either wear a thicker sweater and wear slippers during the day and throw an extra quilt on the bed if your family complain about they are feeling cold at night.

3. Make sure you turn down the thermostat during the day when you leave the house. Ticking over at 60 degrees is quite sufficient. Finding cheaper gas is essential. You can make it cheaper yourself by using less. This is now a fact of life.

4. Make sure you turn off radiators in rooms that are rarely used, perhaps just switching on once per week to keep the rooms aired.

5. When your hot water is heated by gas do some easy washing-up by hand and leave to air dry. This is more hygenic than using the tea-towel. Then when you use the dishwasher (electrically powered) you can load it with items which really need a thorough cleaning.

6. Check any contract you may have with the gas company regarding the ownership of the tank. Is it yours? Theirs?


If you are running a company, utilities will probably be one of your largest expenses. Try the following company U Switch for comparison prices. Leave finding cheaper gas to them - they are the experts.

U-switch say on their site:

'A large part of running a successful business is finding ways to reduce costs and improve the bottom line. Switching energy providers could be an easy way for your business to save you money.

The uSwitch business energy service takes the hassle out of finding the best supplier to your business.'

Another business site worthy of mention is Makeitcheaper UK's leading price comparison and switching service for business utility bills such as business electricity.

Custom Search

For both domestic and business supplies, finding cheaper gas is essential.

It is also advisable to check every twelve months for finding cheaper gas as unfortunately prices never seem to come down these days.
Cheap gas is very difficult to find.

There are apparently large gas reserves in the rock underneath Blackpool (no pun intended here) and the surrounding area and experiments are now progressing to determine whether it is safe to remove this gas via fracking. This has been done in the USA where much lower energy bills have resulted.

Not all these adjustments are immediate, but if you keep chipping away like this you should soon notice a difference in your gas bill.

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