A Film Location House

Why not use your home as a film location house?

If you are able to use your house as a film location then you have another source of income.

This can be a relatively painless way of earning money from your home.

You must obviously be prepared for a degree of upheaval, but having said this, the rewards can be great.

Plus there is the reward of seeing something unusual, and hopefully very lucrative and interesting in the very place where you live.

First of all you will need an Agent. This is a wide open market, so play the field and enrol with more than one agent. A selection is given here:

Sara Eastel Film Locations at Film Locations
Locations Works at Location Works
Lavish Locations at Lavish Locations
Finally, The Collective

All the above sites vary, but all would appear worthy of a visit to register your interests. There is also a selection to be found following a Google search.

Approach the Agent, find out how many photographs of your house they require and what type. Make sure there are no pets or children lurking in these photographs. The Agent will just need a good, clear view and prefer a large area in which to work. They also like houses dedicated to one particular style of decoration. They never take on a property that, in their opinion, would not make money for the owner.

Currently they prefer to operate within the M25, but recently have been getting requests for locations near Liverpool, Manchester and other large cities. This extends the area for a film location house.

Working through an Agent is probably the only route. They will draw up a water-tight agreement between the home owner and the film company, which includes the company taking out insurance against damage to your home when it becomes a film location house.

Although these Agents take a commission of 15%, this does ensure your safety and removes any potential worries or concerns from your shoulders when your home is used as a film location house. So probably well worth it in the long run, particularly if you are a newcomer to the business.

No matter if your property is small, large, palatial or just bog-standard. You do not have to own the proverbial mansion to make money out of your house. The Agents usually have classifications that run from stately to down-to-earth and even derelict. As you may have seen on TV adverts, a film location houses can vary enormously.

You will probably also have seen fashion shoots that have been taken in rooms/warehouses with plain brick walls etc. This type of film shoot is in vogue at the moment.

Recently a pub car park with a rough unfinished surface (within a few miles of the M.11) was used for scenes depicting a staged 'fight' with 'villains'. So it is a case of more or less anything goes.

You will be placed on the Agent’s list and when there is the likelihood of your property being required as a film-location house be prepared for as many as four or five visits from their production team/scouting crew before a decision is made.

If a decision is made to use your property make sure you are around on the day of the shoot as the production company may need to know where such essentials as power points etc. are available. Can they dismantle your garden fence? Can they move certain items, etc? BUT keep a low profile, don’t be a nuisance, just helpful when needed.


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Remember that although they are doing the hiring you need to keep a reasonable eye on your property. Keep away from the cameras and don’t try to chat up the stars.

Your contract may specify redecoration of a specific room. If there are any such alterations needed to your property make sure you get full re-instatement if you think it is necessary. You might like their alterations.

Clarify what ‘benefits’ the camera crew etc. will require, i.e. use of your loo.

Make sure all such items as this are in any contract you sign and that you are fully covered for re-instatement where necessary. If you can, make sure the contract is ‘slanted’ in your favour.

Yes, you are getting paid, but remember this is your home and you do not want your life to be made a misery in the process of it being a film location house.

On large shoots the company may often arrive with trailers for catering, loo’s and all the other requirements. Some bring their own generators if the electricity supply needed is large.

What can you expect to earn from hiring out your house?

Anything between £700 to £5,000 per (very long) 12 hour day.

A magazine advertising shoot at a film location house can generate around £500 to £1,500 per day. Not to be sneezed at.

In addition, when filming has stopped you will find that most agencies negotiate for 50% of the normal day hire rate for the set-up and take-down days. Obviously some locations are more sought after than others, and as stated, favourite at the moment is within striking distance of London/M.25.

Parking space is fairly important, and depending on the filming brief, so are high ceilings and large rooms to accommodate all the crew whilst the shoot is in progress.

This does not automatically rule out smaller properties.

Many agencies have large towns on their books such as Cardiff, Norwich, Manchester and Birmingham.

A look around Google for film location agencies may bring up some more very interesting results.

As in all situations, there is the need to be firm, fair and friendly.

If you feel you can cope, that the money is tempting you,
then give it a whirl.

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