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This page brings you some expert parenting advice.

This page on parenting advice concentrates on giving you sound advice combined with good money saving tips.

Saving money is the whole aim of this site, and every new parent will need all the cash they can get once their family becomes enlarged.

Enjoy the new off-spring and read our advice - not only on this page - but throughout the entire site.

Our aim is to help you.

1. One of the biggest expenditures is nappies (diapers). Disposable or washable?

Research shows that for just one child the cost of disposable nappies is close on £1,000 or $1572 (in addition you will need to buy the small nappy disposal bags) as against the cost of the washable Terry towelling squares £200 or $314 (this includes washing costs etc. and Tip 6 below explains all.) Perhaps these figures will help focus your mind.

This is expert parenting advice when the large saving of money
- £800 or $1259 - is taken into consideration.

2. If you can breast feed your baby, please do so. Not only does it save you money but also time and effort. This is expert parenting advice. The baby feed is always ready and time does not have to be spent on preparing the milk. It is the best available baby food and no manufactured feed can compare. It gives your baby vital health protection in the first few months of their life, and according to statistics, benefits throughout life. This really is excellent, lasting parenting advice. According to Aptamil it also burns around 500 calories a day, making it easier to shift your pregnancy weight. Definitely expert parenting advice.

By breast feeding mums and babies have a reduced risk for a number of health conditions, some of which last a lifetime. Breastfed babies have lower rates of ear infections, asthma, and obesity, and, according to the U.S. Surgeon General mothers who breastfeed face lower rates of ovarian and breast cancers.

Findings published in the Journal of Nutrition show that breast-fed babies had stronger leg muscles than those who were not, indicating that breast-fed babies will grow up to be stronger and more athletic teenagers.

This research was led by Dr. Enrique Garcia Artero from the Department of Physiology at the University of Granada, Spain.

The reinforces our remarks regarding breast feeding being expert parenting advice. It is beneficial to both baby and mother. It is calculated that mothers who breat feed their babies are less likely to develop cancer in later years.

3. Take advantage of all the free offers available on the internet.

Several large companies such as Cow and Gate, Bounty, Boots and Tesco offer Baby Parenting Clubs. Most of these have free joining offers available which might well be of interest and all contain parenting advice. For instance, mothers joining the Aptamil baby club will be sent a free 'huggable polar bear'. These offers may vary and change with time.

4. Take a good search around the Internet for 'Terry nappy squares' because prices vary alarmingly. Remember you are buying an item that will last for the time your baby needs them whereas disposables are paid for (heavily) are used once and are then useless. They also contribute heavily to landfill resources - see below. If you are contemplating more than one child, you will probably find some of the traditional nappies can be passed on. The advice on terry nappy squares is most definitely expert parenting advice.

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5. When a baby has reached the stage when he/she is comfortable in the ‘sitting’ position, sit with your baby on your lap – but – with the baby on his/her potty. Do this regularly, talking to and encouraging your baby to perform. Don't expect a result every time, but when you get a ‘result’ – this may take just a few tries - be lavish with your praise and love. Definitely expert parenting advice.

When your baby is of an age to happily sit by himself on the potty this will become habit and will mean far fewer soiled nappies.

Yes, this will take a little time and patience, but focus your mind on the above figures and think what you could do with the £800 or $1259 you will save. In addition, it will be better for your baby to get into this routine quickly. It will illustrate to him/her the value of independance.

Another advantage is less rubbish clogging up land-fill sites. Do we really want that type of rubbish hanging around until it eventually rots away? 4% of all British landfill sites are soiled disposable nappies.

It is only necessary to look at the size of some of the babies walking around on the TV adverts promoting disposable nappies, to ask yourself why are these babies still in nappies?

6. An easy routine is - flush the 'poo down the loo' and place the soiled Terry square nappy in a lidded bucket containing Borax substitute added to the water, to soak (maybe keeping the bucket directly alongside the loo). You should have a machine load after two days and this will all become second nature for you - the busy Mum. Not only is this easy on your pocket it is expert parenting advice. See how this is done at Washing Nappies

7. Instead of buying clothing as a present for a young baby or child, it might be wiser to give the baby's mother some money instead. Children grow so quickly and in this case, mother really does know best.

8. When travelling on holiday with a baby don't trust to luck that you will be able to buy 'essentials' when you arrive at your destination.

Have a special baby bag and use it for these essentials such as baby milk, nappies, toys and all the items you would use at home in your routine with baby. Include talcum powder in your 'kit', you will find this useful for removing sand from a child's skin after playing on the beach.

9. If you are travelling abroad, this becomes even more essential. You might want to include sterilised bottled water which will be handy during the journey if you need to make up feeds.

10. If your trip includes travelling by plane give your baby something to suck on during take off and landing. Ask for the help of staff in warming feeds.

11. During car journeys make sure the child seat is securely fixed, and be prepared for travel sickness with sick bags and wipes. Take bottles of water and cups for the children and yourself. Use window screens during the summer months. Don't forget the Australian phrase

Slip, slap, slop
Where sun protection for your child - and you - are concerned.
Don't run the risk of melanomas!

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There are so many pitfalls and pot holes to trap the new parent, one of which is

obesity which in part may be due to too much sugar.

In addition most parents try to ensure a stable and promising future with the greatest gift they can give their children for their offspring. Do take a look at Super Tip which shows how to persuade young children to keep their bedrooms tidy. Well, hopefully at least. Our page - Expert parenting advice can only try to help you win the battle!

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