Essential Wardrobe Pieces or
A Capsule Wardrobe

Essential wardrobe pieces need have no mystery about them.

No need for any mystery about clothes - just think - capsule wardrobe - and it will show you how to look stunning on a budget.

Technically, and according to the dictionary ‘capsule’ means – a few important representative items - in other words essential wardrobe pieces. Simple.

If you remember that a capsule wardrobe is nothing more than a collection of clothes that look and work well together - can be worn in different ways - i.e., layering – so serving most occasions.


To begin with, prune your existing clothes and outfits, getting rid of anything that no longer fits or suits you. If you have not worn an item for two years - ask yourself - will you ever wear it?

We are thinking - essential wardrobe pieces here - not terminal clutter.

The charity shop will welcome your gifts.

A ‘few important representative items’ can mean different clothes to different ladies. The city high flyer is unlikely to agree with the country lady – so to each his own.

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Probably the city/business lady would consider essential wardrobe items -

  • pair of tailored trousers,
  • pair of great fitting jeans that can look good with heels or flats,
  • white shirt,
  • classic trench coat,
  • black coat and
  • well cut-blazer
  • killer dress
  • classical boots and
  • classic high heeled shoes.
  • Of course, the above list is intended as a basic guide, and will need to be slightly adjusted to suit each individual lady.

    If you are a busy mum with a couple of 'knee highs’ in tow or a country lady, then obviously you will have different needs and ideas. The busy-mum would probably have as a basis to her wardrobe three good pairs of jeans and the country lady a well-cut skirt or two.

    So you can see it is essentially about finding some essential wardrobe items that suits you and your chosen life-style and individuality. Make a statement about yourself.

    Versatile pieces are essential. Colour plays a very important part. Two, possibly three main colours that work well with each other should be your aim: i.e. where you can wear one item in one of your chosen three main colours, but your accessories be chosen from the other two colours. Remember the Italian lady who dressed solely in black, red and white.

    Choose the style of clothes you are comfortable in i.e., trousers, skirts, dresses. No one should dictate to you. If necessary, create your own fashion and look - your own essential wardobe pieces - for you. Be your own style icon.

    When you are shopping, look for items that work well with your style and what you already have in your wardrobe. Look for things you can wear in a multiple ways and on multiple occasions. This is not the time for impulse buying but for careful contemplation. Items should not make a short stop-over in your wardrobe before departing for the charity shop!

    When you have selected your basic wardrobe it will be possible to select just a few ‘must-have’ items that work in well with your existing clothes and that do not throw your entire plan off course.

    Always try to buy the best you can afford - it will save you money in the long run. These clothes are going to last a while and quality is important.

    A few accessories such as some brilliant scarves, a chunky necklace and a good handbag will set the seal on your individual style - your signature touch - your own capsule wardrobe of essential wardrobe pieces.

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