Eat More Fruit Lose Weight

Healthy Diets come and go, but one that remains constant is
eat more fruit lose weight. Oh, so simple.

We have created two other specific sections on foods - vegetables and the other covering bread, cheese, etc.

The last covers everything from eggs to bread and cheese right down to pearl barley.

You can easily access many other food sections at the bottom of this page.

Take advantage of these tips and feed your family well,
but in a cheaper way.

1. Always store fruit correctly. In a bowl on the sideboard or table is not necessarily the best place.

Apples and berries should always be stored in the fridge. our Gardening Diary will show you how to grow your own berries in a minimum of space.

Citrus fruits can also be kept in the 'fridge.

Bananas should never be stored in the refrigerator otherwise the skins will turn black.

2. If you pack lunch boxes, make sure they include an apple or banana in preference to a bag of crisps.

3. If you live in or near the countryside take advantage of ‘food for free’. You can pick blackberries, damsons, sloes, sweet chestnuts, cob nuts etc. Put the soft fruit in a plastic container while you are collecting them and the nuts need to go in a paper bag. Always store the nuts in a paper bag or in an open dish. Take a walk in the country and bring home your own particular harvest of free food for your healthy diet. What better way to save money - just eat more fruit lose weight - so simple.

If you collect mushrooms while you are out walking, please be 110% sure that you have sufficient knowledge to know that those you do pick are edible as far as humans are concerned. Better safe than very sorry.

4. When making damson jam, cook the fruit with the required amount of water. Then just pour the mushy liquid through a colander, this easily removes the stones. Add the sugar to the mushy liquid and proceed as normal to complete your jam recipe. Thanks to Boris Johnson of The Daily Telegraph.

5. If you have loads of windfall apples turn them into apple puree. Wash the apples in salted water and quarter them, cut out any insect damage or bruising. It is not necessary to remove the pips etc. Put these apples into a pressure cooker with just sufficient water to cover the base of the pan. Bring to 15 lbs. pressure. If you are using an electric cooker, switch off the hob and leave the pan in situ to finish cooking on the residual heat. This puree can also be cooked in an ordinary saucepan and on a gas hob, but will take longer.

When cool, push the ‘mush’ through a nylon sieve with a wooden spoon. Freeze the puree in small plastic containers. This is first class during the winter when served on the top of hot porridge. No added sugar, just the goodness of the apples – a tasty meal to start the day. This is really cheap food. Apples rescued from the ground and that would have otherwise rotted away are all added to a healthy diet! Eat more fruit lose weight - so simple.

6. Another way to use this apple puree is as the basis of apple sauce to be served with pork dishes. It can also be incorporated into cake recipes. This healthy diet business can be fun!

7. To get the best food value from fruits, take a look at The Food Index which explains everything in a quick and easy manner. One glance tells all. This is an invaluable chart - eat more fruit lose weight - it cuts down the searching.

8. To save wasting lemons, slice them, place on a plate and put into the freezer on the plate. When frozen, remove from the plate and store in a clear plastic bag. Use these for cold lemon drinks, garnishes on fish, hot lemon drink for treating a cold adding a spoonful of honey and maybe a small tot of whisky if you like it, etc. This way you always have a ready supply and no wasted lemons are left mouldering in the fridge.

9. Put left-over lemons cut into small pieces in a jug, cover with ample hot water. When cold, store the jug in the fridge. This way you always have a refreshing cold drink to hand. Good food, cheap food, good healthy diet!

10. Health Experts advise the best way to start the day is a hot lemon drink before you have anything to eat. They maintain it wakes up the system.

More unusual uses for lemons can be found here.

11. One fruit to beware of as you eat more fruit lose weight - is the humble date. Each of these tiny fruits contains on average 4.5 teaspoons of sugar. Don't let this tempting little fruit lead you astray as you eat more fruit lose weight - it will have the reverse effect!

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