Easy Housework Tips

This page is about easy housework tips, avoiding the feeling of being stressed out but saving money on materials at the same time.

One of the secrets of coping with housework is to learn how to delegate.

When a child goes to school he/she is old enough to clear up any mess it makes i.e., putting clothes and toys away.

Start as you mean to go on.

They will probably thank you (fingers crossed) in later life for the good habits you instilled in them.

See our page for the particularly good Super Tip at the end.

Everyone living in the household contributes to the mess, therefore they should contribute to the clearing up the untidy mess. Men sometimes have difficulty with this reasoning.

Work on the theory that once a child starts school they are able to clear up their rooms. Make this part of their routine. You may well be doing them a great favour to store up for their future lives when they are running a home of their own.

If you live alone - sorry - the buck stops here.
Don't put it down, put it away!

We will also show you how to save money as well when you use the easy housework tips.

We have divided our former Household Tips page into two sections, this one - Easy Housework Tips and the other Secret Household Cleaning Materials runs in tandem with this current page.

We hope you will find the divided sections easier to use.

1. Washing-up is one of many household chores least enjoyed. So if you have a dishwasher, make it cheaper to run by cutting the tablets in half. Cut with a hard blow with a sharp knife whilst the tablet is still in the wrapping works fine. This is like having every alternate wash free!

2. If you have to keep your freezer in the garage, always clean the outside of the machine with methylated spirits. Just wipe the surface of the freezer with a small amount of methylated on a soft cloth. This will help prevent rusting. Don’t wipe the outside of the freezer with a water soaked cloth, as this will encourage rust to establish itself. An easy housework tip.

During the winter you may find the freezer collects condensation on the outside. Wipe this away whenever you can.

One item that needs to be classed as essential, and not a household chore, is to check the batteries in your smoke alarms.

Always, always, always make sure your alarms are in good working order.

This is such a cheap, simple device but a proven life saver. Some are available with a ten year life span - at around £12. If you can afford it, it is certainly a good investment. Otherwise, go for the cheaper option, but definitely get one (or more) installed.

It is a simple job to screw the alarm to the ceiling. Just punch a small hole in the plasterboard ceiling, position the smoke alarm and screw it into position. Insert battery. Job done!

Please don't add to the home fire statistics.

3. Taking this money saving tip one step further, if you use a dishcloth or brush, put these in the cutlery basket while using the soda wash. That is another one of the unpleasant household chores turned into an easy housework tip.

4. Listed as the most detested of all household chores is oven cleaning. Try putting your oven shelves in the dish washer on the above cleaning wash - Tip 3. The soda crystals will help shift the grease.

Alternatively to cope with cleaning the entire oven, take a look at How to clean an oven Unfortunately the man is not supplied!

5. When you have finished colouring your hair, use the gloves provided for other jobs, i.e., gardening, housework etc.

6. To save expensive damage to your vacuum cleaner stick a strong magnet to the front of the cleaner - this will pick up metal objects before they cause damage. This is particularly good if you have a dressmaker in the home. It picks up the pins and is a very good easy housework tip.

7. Removing spilt red wine from clothing or carpet is a difficult household chore. To remove red wine from clothing you will need either white wine or table salt. Either pour some white wine on top of the red and it should simply vanish. If you don't have any white wine available, cover the red wine stain with table salt. The table salt will absorb the wine, then washing the garment should remove the rest. The carpet can be rubbed over with a damp cloth with either some carpet cleaner or washing up liquid added. To get more abrasion, use an old terry face flannel for cleaning.

8. Amongst the unpleasant household chores is removing blood stains from clothing. Just soak the item in cold water with plenty of household salt added. Agitate the clothing to make sure that all the stain is absorbing the salt. When the stain is removed, wash in the machine as usual.

9. To unblock your kitchen sink plug hole, put some household soda crystals over the hole then pour some boiling water over the crystals. This removes the problem of a blocked sink drain pipe which must be another of the most detested of household chores. Repeat monthly for a sweeter smelling, clear drain. An easy housework tip.

10. To remove candle wax from carpets or soft furnishings, the best way is to cover the wax with brown paper and then make several passes over it with a warm iron, moving the brown paper each time. It is also possible to use absorbent material such as a T shirt for this. This is by far the quickest and easiest method. Spot test on a section of the carpet that is not in view in case there is unfavourable reaction to the heat of the iron.

11. Lilies are beautiful, but the pollen from the stamens can be a disaster. To remove this dab at the pollen with sticky tape to remove. Do not rub as this will push the pollen further into the fabric and make it almost impossible to remove. Do not get this pollen on any earthenware dishes as it can take several washes to remove.

12. Don’t buy expensive ant killer. If you have an ant problem, particularly in the house or conservatory and also the garden, a much more pleasant way of seeing these pests off is to shake any unwanted talcum powder over them. Such an easy housework tip.This is particularly good if the ants are in the ketchen because talc is more user friendly than ant killer.

This has exactly the same effect as proprietary brands of ant killer. The ants take the talcum powder back to their nests on their bodies and feet and it helps kill any other ants in the nest.

13. To remove grease or oil from carpets, suede boots or jackets, do not rub. Just sprinkle with a heavy layer of talcum powder over the oil and leave. The powder will absorb the grease/oil.

14. To clean old, dirty wooden floorboards use a mixture of equal parts of linseed oil, turpentine and white vinegar. Apply with a soft cloth and buff up afterwards with a clean cloth. This mixture can also be used successfully to clean old and antique furniture.

15. If you drop your mobile phone in water, try the following. A fisherman dropped his phone in the river. He took it home, placed it in a bowl of uncooked rice to cover it completely. In the morning it worked. Obviously this can't be guaranteed, but there is nothing to be lost by trying it. Remove the Sim card and battery before putting the phone in the rice.

16. To seal a bag and make it airtight, cut a disposable water bottle and keep the neck and top. See the first picture. Next insert the plastic bag through the neck and screw the top to seal. Second picture.

The person who first thought of this idea must be given an award for originality. No more ties, rubber bands or knots to cope with. This must be one of the most inventive and and easy housework tips ever.Thanks to June in the USA for this tip.

We have not 'road-tested' this idea yet, so please let us know what you think.

17. If you use our Decluttering tips this will make the cleaning chore so much quicker and easier. This easy housework tip should make your home seem larger when space is cleared.

All tips given on this site are quoted in good faith.
The owners of www.save-money-guide.com accept no responsibility for the information given.
Please rely on your own good judgement.

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