Earning Extra Income From Home

Two Systems Reviewed

More of us will have to find ways now of earning extra income to make ends meet.


Maybe a hobby that can be developed?
Maybe an all absorbing interest?
Maybe an existing part-time business that can be developed via the Internet?

Have you thought about the advantages of setting up your own web site?

There is no age limit,
You work at your own speed,
You choose your hours,
There is no boss breathing down your neck.

To give you the best possible slant on earning extra income from
home via a website, we have reviewed two systems.

We have bought and are using both products and the comments are factual and honest. (We do not pass comment on systems we have not bought and used.)

Each is viable as a stand-alone product, so read on - make up your own mind which product best suits your individual circumstances when earning extra income is essential.

The first system purchased was


This is a truly excellent system, it copes with almost all eventualities, thinking ahead of you in anticipation of your needs.

Numerous samples of templates are available for choosing a Home Page. Building of the web site is done by a block system whereby you complete each block to your satisfaction before moving on to the next. When each page is complete the SBI system will let you know whether it will pass the Search Engine's (SE's) stringent demands. The approval of the SE's is 100% essential if your work is to get the approval it needs to make the grade.

There are alarms built into the site that alert you to any potential mistakes. You pass slowly through all the stages of building a website including the making money aspect.

The best way to sum up the SBI system is - it even does some of the thinking for you. Therefore, if like me, you are an Internet Dummie this is an advantage. This site - save-money-guide - was built using the SBI system and it helped me through every step of the way.

Obviously, if you need an all encompassing system such as this, that includes a Support System, it comes at a price. The annual fee for SBI is £155 but there is also a monthly payment system should you prefer. Please bear in mind the figure quoted is an annual fee and will need yearly renewal.

If you should run into difficulties and need additional help, there is a Coaching Service but obviously, this adds to the expense. There is also a Forum which gives assistance from fellow members which is free.

Take a while to look around this video and find out

Why These People Are Smiling

then you will know the benefits of SBI.

Criticisms: The Keyword Search tool is incredibly slow and long winded. I use a free site in place of this plus our old friend - Google Search. All the instructional pages are also long-winded and, in my opinion, unnecessarily complex and wordy. A side window is provided with briefer instructions. It seems to me that the aim of SBI to be helpful has over-shot itself and unfortunately become muddled in this respect - which is a great pity.

SBI constructed sites constitute the top 3% of all sites on the Net.


The title is just what it says. It shows you ways of earning extra income the honest way. Written by Holly Mann she teaches how to set up a profitable business on the Internet.

Holly went from an income of nothing to $12,000 in four months. The emphasis of this book is how to set up your own Internet business with minimal cost and maximum profit. It is not a GRQ (Get Rich Quick) Scheme.

Her instructions on becoming an Affiliate (a Seller of goods on the Internet) are excellent. Even if you do not have a web site you are shown how to sell on the Internet. This is really sneaky but honest!

As well as showing me the easy way to become an Affiliate - there are numerous sites to register with - this book has given me the idea for an additional website which I shall be building very shortly. Thank you Holly!

There is a support system via an Internet link. Her ‘book’ (279 pages) is in reality ten smaller books each covering the different aspects of setting up a web site and selling good on the Internet. The largest of these are the book with instructions for building your website.

Click here to get Make Money Online - Honest Riches

The section on setting up a website is, understandably the largest. It deals with every aspect of construction and operation. There are links in the books to so many good, free sites giving excellent information - even an offer for building your own free web site. Also, with recent advances there is now no need to be an HTML expert. The whole emphasis is on ‘frugal’ but with a good end result of earning extra income.

All the instructions are clear with the theme throughout of how to make money honestly and quickly. Amazingly the price is kept down to a low £29.50. This is a one-off purchase price. When there are any updates to the book, these are sent on free of charge.

Although this is an ebook, I printed off a hard copy. In addition to the one available on the screen I needed this because it suited the way in which I wanted to work and access the information.

Click Here!

Criticism: Setting up a web site is a complex business and very well explained, but I needed to read some of the instructions through twice until the penny dropped! (This maybe down to my brain-power. LOL.) Also, not really a criticism - but there are so many free sites that I felt overcome at the wealth of knowledge available. The book takes more than one reading for everything to be absorbed. This is the reason for the printed copy - the need to mark pages and make frequent reference.

Anyone who says that it is possible to make money instantly from a web site, is, in our opinion telling ‘porky pies’.

To be brutally honest, whichever system you chose, you must be prepared to work hard to attain your goal. But you will be your own boss and the rewards are great.

If you want to be earning extra income, effort is involved.
Unfortunately money does not just drop into your pockets.

Although the thought of creating your own website may be daunting, fortunately, with the right, clear instructions, it is possible to do just that with either of these systems. You will then be in the position to be earning extra income. The choice depends upon your individual needs and the size of your pocket.

Teddy Roosevelt said

“In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing and the worst thing you can do is nothing.”

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