Driving Advice For Winter

Follow this sensible driving advice for winter and you will probably avoid totally unnecessary trouble.

This page supplements our Winter Driving Safety Tips by Stephen Turvil and covers the basics that are frequently forgotten.

There are times when driving can be troublesome enough without adding extra problems in the winter. Don't just jump into the car before a journey - stop and think for a moment.

Today's cars take care of a lot of the problems that can be encountered, but you must still take a sensible driving advice.

1. For your own peace of mind check on all your fluid levels, particularly the screen-wash reservoir. There are bound to be more dirty roads throwing up more mud so make sure you have good visibility at all times. There is no excuse here, this is basic driving advice.

2. Even though petrol/diesel is expensive, keep your fuel tank well topped up. To run dry would be stupidity in the extreme.

3. Keep an eye on tyre pressures because these can decrease with a severe drop in temperatures.

4. Make sure you travel with a spare rug, a shovel and a can of fuel in the boot.

5. If you tune into your local radio weather warnings, you may well get advance notice of any forthcoming trouble. Then if you have a good Sat.Nav such as TomTom this can provide you with an alternative route.

6. A thermos flask and a snack are obvious additions. A torch will make sure you do not run down your car battery by using the interior light.

There are several gizmos on the market now including an interior Eco Car Dehumidifier (small cushion pad that can be dried out and reused) and Traction Treads that can be laid under car wheels to enable drive off. Depending on your purse and your need.

Perhaps the best precaution of all is don't travel in adverse conditions unless it is absolutely necessary. Better safe than sorry.

All of the above amount to commonsense advice, just make sure you don't get caught out.

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