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Who wouldn't like some extra money?

The downloadable eBooks on offer here will give you the information you need to make money.

Many subjects are covered.

Establishing a bed and breakfast business, dog training, starting completely new businesses, even investing on the Stock Market - surely something to interest most people?

Just browse through the titles, make your selection and solve the problem of making more money to help out in this recession.

You may ask why downloadable eBooks?

There are several advantages. This type of book does not take up storage space on your shelves, they are much cheaper than hardbacks and they do not run-over their due date where Libraries are concerned.

Once you have bought one of our downloadable eBooks it will stay on your computer hard drive ready for whenever you want to read or make reference to it. Your downloadable eBooks come via the Internet system and are stored as a PDF file

You will need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader system installed – a fantastic, first class device - which is obtainable free from here.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Once this system is installed, you are ready to go!

To start with, the first of our quality downloadable ebooks is:


This is an unassuming book that holds a great secret.

This book will show you how to set up a business from home using tools you probably already have.

It can easily sit beside any full-time employment you have or if you are a senior citizen, this is one for you. A great Silver Start-up.

Not only do you receive full instructions but you also receive some suggested names for your emerging business.

A very basic interest in gardening and a desire to create a tidy space are all that are needed.

Once you take the first initial steps to launch this business you will almost certainly be able to extend it across your County and beyond.

Why not take the initial step, read how it is done and then follow through with the knowledge at the very reasonable price of £7.75


Why not create a money making niche for yourself?

40 small businesses you can start from the safety and security of your own home.

You will learn -

Exactly how to get started with minimum risk and maximum benefits,

The best area to start your business,

What equipment you will need,

What advertising to do, if any and where to do it.

Plus a selection of suggested names for your venture.

A total step-by-step and hold your-hand-guide never offered before.

The initial business capital start-up out-lay can be as low as £20 and up to £50.

Are you in need of extra cash?

There are always people prepared to pay others to do the jobs that they hate or services they cannot do without.

Seize your opportunity and take advantage of the situation. There is also a small business explained here for children to start.

Because of the bad employment conditions in the world, this book is now being offered at just £5.50 - which taken logically works out at just a few pence per idea - complete with full instructions.

Can you afford to refuse an offer like this?

All for £5.50 in easy-to-read eBook format.


Have you recently taken a new dog into your home and your heart? Or is your present dog is taking liberties?

Whatever is the case, a solution is at hand.

This book has been approved for accuracy by a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor and a British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers, Advanced Instructor - so literally from the horses (dog's) mouth!

The book gives instructions that are well set out and easy to follow and refer to.

In addition it includes a complete section on Grooming which will not only help you keep your dog looking smart, healthy and happy, it will also save you pounds at the Grooming parlour.

All this for the remarkably keen price of £7.75

A business for one person and a partner

This book gives details of a unique, upmarket business venture for one person and a partner of the opposite sex.

A chance not to be missed.

It entails organizing group 'meets' for people of varying ages who are looking to meet people of their own type.

This is not such a mechanical system as that used in Speed Dating. It is more upmarket, more social and holds the promise of many more money making social spin-offs which people will welcome.

Full details are given - including suggested names for your emerging business.

All it needs is for you - and a partner - to take the plunge and make money in a very pleasant business.

At the very reasonable price of £9.99 - how can you afford to miss this chance?



The children have flown the nest leaving you with spare bedrooms in the house.

How about capitalizing on your assets and starting a Bed and Breakfast business?

Not such a mad idea when you stop to think it over.

This book - written by a lady with 13 years experience in the business - is another of our best sellers and a total gold-mine of information.

You will make serious money running an efficient small bed and breakfast establishment. Let our book show you exactly how.

More people are now working in areas away from their homes - some for just four nights per week; they need accommodation.

To give you a clearer insight into this profitable business let us explain further.

This really is an exceptional offer that will put you easily on the right road in your future business.

You can buy this informative downloadable eBook right here and now.

All the knowledge and information contained in this downloadable eBook for
just £9.99 plus quick delivery to your mail box!


Have you ever thought of investing on the Market?

Does the Stock Market attract you?

Have you been deterred by the risk factor?

Supposing the Stock Market could be made safer - would you like to give it a try?

The best route is for you to read and be able to assess the situation clearly. The Stock Market is now in recovery, so ask yourself is this an opportunity for you?

This downloadable eBook, with all the masses of expertise and knowledge it contains, is now priced at a very reasonable £9.99

Just one tip from this book is likely to save you many costly mistakes. Can you afford not to buy?

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