Dog Owning Tips
The Pleasures and Perils

These Dog Owning Tips should be of help in choosing
your future dog(s).

When you consider dog owning, it pays to remember you must understand your dog and then hopefully, he/she will understand and co-operate with you.

The result will be a long and lasting friendship.

This very subject soon raises the problem - cross breed or rescued dog?

The purpose is - to rescue an unwanted dog.
End of problem.

Rescued and pedigree dogs are both discussed here in full.

Needless to say the dog owning tips given here will be absolutely impartial.

People keep a pet for a variety of reasons.

A companion around the house and for walking - protection - because they love animals - or as a worker on the farm or maybe as a gun-dog, but in all these situations money rears its ugly head.

It is no use pretending otherwise, but to have any pet as a member of your family (well, almost) will cost you a certain amount of money and here the dog owning tips given on this site should prove invaluable.

Throughout we will try and show you how saving is also possible in the venture into becoming a dog owner without being mean. Our other page will show you some useful dog owning tips. PEDIGREE OR CROSS BREED.

The well behaved animals in the picture below are Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers. They are used for retrieving/picking up game on a 'shoot' or can also make good pets. They are also being used in drug detecting operations.

The first and most obvious of the dog owning tips comes in the actual purchase price of the animal. If you decide on a pedigree animal then the initial outlay will obviously be large. You are paying for breeding, type of animal etc. A pedigree will cost you around £700 upwards, whereas a mutt from the local sanctuary/home will cost anything from £50 upwards depending upon the home and their charges. There is a case to be made for both pedigree or a cross breed dogs and the same dog owning tips apply.

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PEDIGREE There are several important points to bear in mind.

1. Buy from a reputable breeder.

2. Don't buy from anyone who 'promises' to send the pedigree on at a later date.

3. Make sure you can see the mother of the litter. If the breeder makes excuses as to why you cannot - leave immediately - there is something wrong here.

The person selling the puppies is possibly a puppy farmer or someone who has bought in the puppies to sell on at a profit.

Some breeding bitches are kept in totally inadequate situations amounting to cruelty. Also, the breeding mother can be of bad temperament.

So - always insist on seeing the mother it will tell you a lot.

4. A reputable breeder will try to match your personality, circumstances and your needs to the animal they will supply to you. See YOUR NEEDS below.

5. A reputable breeder will give you a starter pack of the correct food for feeding your new puppy plus information on the early stages of care.

6. A reputable breeder should also be available for advice in the first week or so after purchase.

You will understand from the above that dog owning is a very serious business to be approached with care and caution. Our dog owning tips will help lead you in the right direction.


People often prefer to give an unwanted animal a home. Your local pet sanctuary or home will probably have an assortment of animals of all shapes, sizes and ages - all absolutely desperate for a good home. The drawback here is that relatively little will be known about his or her past history and there is obviously an element of risk attached to this venture. It must be pointed out here that a pedigree animal can also come with inherited problems from his parents, etc.

Whilst the saving will be great when compared with the money spent on a pedigree, our dog owning tips should apply to either category.

Whichever type of animal you choose from the types listed above, you will probably like to read our open letter to owners which illustrates good reasons for training your pet.

A fashion has developed for purposely cross-breeding specific breeds, such as those shown in the photograph - Labradors x Poodle = Labradoodle. The purchase price can be high.

This is not what was intended by the original word crossbreed = mongrel i.e., a dog of mixed parentage and possibly in need of a home and help.


Common sense is the most important point. Why do you wish to enter the world of dog owning? What do you want the pet for? Here are a few dog owning tips to help with your decision:

How large/small is your home?
Are there children involved?
Will your future dog have specific duties, i.e., guarding/working?
Do you want him as a walking companion?
If you are out at work all day is it sensible to consider giving any animal a home?
Are you able to exercise him – some breeds such as German Shepherds and Collies need plenty of walking etc.
Do you need him/her for sporting activities,
i.e., picking up game, etc?

In addition to physical exercise, a collie will need to exercise his brain as well as his/her legs. It would not be kind to any pet and would store up problems for both of you if you cannot give him what his particular breed needs. The answer must then be 'No'.

If exercise is a problem then you will need to seek out a breed whose main demand is a comfortable and warm home. For instance, a greyhound at the end of his racing career would like to rest and keep his owner company by the fire. Lucky boy!

An unexpected bonus is that an ‘adopted’ animal will probably be a crossbreed and this type of pet can be far healthier than a pedigree. Of course, no specific guarantees can be given on this particular point. Another bonus is that an adopted animal will probably have seen some strife in his life and will be eternally grateful for a loving home and will undoubtedly show this to you, the benefactor! Not a dog owning tip but a dog owning bonus!



If you should need to seek professional training for your pet, make sure you choose either a member of the BIPDT (British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers) or a KCAI (Kennel Club Accredited Instructor.

British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers

An unqualified trainer or one with a 'bought paper qualification' can do more harm than good to your dog.

Please be warned.

This dog owning tip will bring rewards for both of you.

Always consider going to a good training class with a qualified instructor as you may need to instill some discipline and good behaviour into your pet. Ask around for a really good trainer.

If you live in East Anglia the following training class is highly recommended.

This is in South Norfolk

and is staffed by qualified trainers.

Wherever you may live, always check this point because an unqualified trainer can do a lot of harm which can be difficult to rectify. This is an invaluable dog owning tip, not to be ignored.


One of the best ways of throwing light on the whole subject of owning one of our four legged friends is to read all about the pros and cons of giving him a home. There are many topics needing your attention and these are all fully explained our unique book.

This book has the distinction of being the only one
available that has the contents verified by an
Accredited Kennel Club Instructor
and a
Member of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers.
You can be sure you are buying the best available.

This book - Dog Training The Quick and Easy Way is not solely about training, but gives information on choosing a dog with details of specific breeds, basic training techniques which are very easy to follow, tips on feeding, and grooming – which is explained in full so saving you more money, etc.

To buy this book - priced at a very reasonable £7.99 - just click the button below and it will be sent on to you in PDF format.

With the tips on these two pages at hand, you will be able to enjoy your dogs at a minimum cost – unless of course you choose to be indulgent – and many owners do - but that is your choice.

Whatever route you take into dog owning - a pedigree or an unwanted dog - we wish you success and many years of enjoyment - and probably devotion.

Whether you are dirty from work,
tired and exhausted – your dog will love you.
Love him or her in return - they deserve it.

Definitely man's or woman's best friend.

If you missed the latest edition of the Newsletter you can read it here.


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