Letter to Dog Lovers

Dear Dog Lover - or are you undecided on that one?

I wonder if you know the feeling of welcoming a wonderful puppy into your home and your life and then being faced with the prospect of controlling and training it?

Shock closely followed by panic?

In my case, the animal in question was not a sweet little puppy, but a large German Shepherd with a definite behavioural problem. She can be seen in the photograph below.

Standing on her rear legs with her front paws on my shoulders, my new GSD was as tall as me - and she was heavy! This trick which was performed at speed and taught by her previous owner, a large macho man, had to be trained out of her before she flattened me!

Dog training here I come!

I knew I had a definite training problem here. I could not take her to classes - I could not restrain her in my small car - and in any case I did not want her to leave the property - her duty was to be on guard.

To make matters worse, in a training class with this very large, uncontrollable animal that already considered it her solemn duty to guard me and take on all comers (a GSD trait) I would probably look a complete and utter idiot.

No thank you.

I prefer to make my mistakes in private.

Humiliation is not a strong point!

I became convinced that a training book was the answer. I had noticed that most of the eBooks that had been written and also the training classes that were on offer, were by people with no first class qualifications or accreditation. Worse still, some of the advice offered was downright dangerous.

Also, if I could train her myself we would both benefit from the one-to-one training and also I would save myself loads of money.

This further convinced me that a simple, easy to follow, no nonsense method based on my own common sense, that suited both me and my Shepherd, was what was needed. The result is this training eBook. The GSD and I worked on each exercise for around 20 minutes each day until we were both sure of the exercise before progressing to the next stage. We had amazing results.

So, we now have Dog Training the Quick and Easy Way'

You can buy this excellent book for just £4.99 right here and now.

It is the easiest system I could design -

 It just had to work and on ALL breeds of dogs.

I thought my system was good, both easy to understand and to follow BUT I needed to prove this point.

Then manna from Heaven.

I found a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor who is also an Advanced Instructor for the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers who agreed to take a look at my book.

For me, a few anxious days of waiting followed.

Then - in the words of the TV advert - 'The Man from Del Monte - he said YES.'

Like any good book, this one skips to the end to give you the punch line:

The contents of this book have been checked and approved by a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor and a BIPDT, Advanced Instructor.

Therefore, you will need to ask yourself,

  • Is your pet able to walk to heel on command?
  • Has he/she learned how to stay?
  • Will he/she sit - and stay in the sitting position?
  • Do you know how to put your animal in the 'stand' position whilst it is being examined?
  • Will he/she come back to you when you call him?
  • and of course the jackpot question - is he/she obedient and a pleasure to be with?

If your answer is ‘No’ to two or more of these questions then you definitely need to read this book.

Amongst other things it will tell you are:

  • If you to not already own a dog, you will find good advice on choosing your pet.
  • How to choose between a pedigree and a cross breed animal.
  • How to socialise your pet.
  • Tips on feeding your dog so that he/she remains healthy.
  • How to stop your dog jumping up at your friends and family.
  • How to groom your dog and how to cope with his lodgers.

Plus a wealth of other information.

In fact just about everything you need to know to set you on the road to happy ownership.

  • From: Kylie Bull - Journalist - FINLAND.

Approved by a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor and BIPDT Advanced Instructor, this is an essential hand-book for anyone thinking of getting their first puppy.

Jo writes concisely and intelligently, always informing and never patronising the reader. Instructions are explained so that you don't just learn what to do but why to do it, or not to do it as the case may be.

The most popular breeds of dog, along with the Rescue Dog, are highlighted, enabling owners or potential owners of these animals to fully understand what makes them tick. What, for example, do you use as a reward for a Dachshund, a Labrador or a Rottweiler? This section explains different breeds and their own particular - and sometimes peculiar traits, and the message is clear: these training methods will suit your own animal whatever breed he may be.

Jo's BMW and Ferrari analogy is a perfect description of how you should approach training.

Even seasoned pros can learn a thing or two from this book. I, myself, found Jo's instructions on barking to be the most useful I have ever read or heard - and they really work.

As well as the instructional basic training and socialising sections, this book also covers everything from feeding and grooming to toilet-training and micro-chipping.

It is a gem of a book, destined to set you and your pet on the road to happiness and success.

This book is written by an owner wishing to pass on to you this excellent, hard researched information.

Why not take this opportunity to turn your dog from a mutt into your best friend - your obedient friend. He will be happier and so will you.

You can do this for just £7.99 right here and now.


The book will be delivered to you instantly via your email post box. It is readable straight away. Why not take a decision now?

Wishing you every success.


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