Live on a dime

Your frugal recipe to a debt free life

Living a debt free life may now become essential.

After the credit downgrade came as a jolt to the Americans, the citizens of this nation are trying their best to manage their personal finances effectively so that they have an emergency fund to fall back on when they’re subject to a sudden financial distress.

1. Start a savings account, get acquainted with the bank: The biggest obstacle to saving money is not being into the habit of saving money. The best way in which you can easily get into this habit is by paying yourself first. Open an emergency savings account with your bank and deposit a portion of your monthly income directly into that account so that you’re equipped with an emergency fund that can come of use when you’re in debt. Withdraw money from this account only when you can’t repay your debts with liquid cash at your disposal.

2. Track your monthly spending: If you’re still oblivious of the importance of the B-word budgeting, you’re way behind others. You may call it what you want but this is an ultimate necessity when it comes to tracking your pennies. You should always be proud to know where your pennies are going. Determine where you need a cutback and which effort can maximize your saving efforts.

3. Check your credit report and improve your score: Another way of saving money is by boosting your credit score as without a good score it is impossible to grab a loan at an affordable rate. Pull out your credit report once in a month to check whether or not there are any negative listings on it that can pull down your score. Dispute any incorrect information and boost your credit score to save money in the long run. The money that you save on high interest rates can be used up paying back your debts.

4. Stop using your cards: The more you use your cards, the more you’ll dig yourself deeper in debt. Carry cash instead of credit so that you can at least stop buying things as soon as you exhaust the cash.

Shopping off your plastics for every small purchase is something that should be avoided in the present economy.

If you’re dreaming a debt free life, add to your savings. Try your best to save money and use it in the long run and don’t forget to contribute to your retirement fund so that you don’t mar your golden years by repaying debt.

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