The New DAB-radios

The dab-radios and system are slowly spreading across the UK.

Reception varies from poor through indifferent to good depending on your location.

At present car radios and the FM service can provide a vital link for the driver on long journeys.

Travel news is often essential in times of bad weather conditions etc.

All this aid could be brought to a resounding halt at the end of 2013 when FM receivers are phased out when the new dab-radio system is adopted. This one move by Government (EU inspired?) will cost the consumer money not save money.

Some new Ford cars primarily the Mondeos, Galaxys and S-Max now come with DAB radios as standard and at the time of writing 25% of the Focus model also have this new system fitted.

The principal reason being that reception can suddenly fade in some parts of the country without warning.

Some new models of Insignia and Vectra also have the new radios fitted as standard.

It is possible to obtain an upgrade on other Ford Models, which at the moment is priced at around £100.

Some of the more luxurious models such as the Audi, Jaguar, and Land Rover also come with these new dab-radios fitted as standard.

Dab-radios are available as an upgrade from other manufacturers starting at around £55 and will require an internal aerial to be fitted.

This does not come cheap when the car owner already has a good working FM system and does not need or want one of these new dab-radios. On a recent BBC test it was found that reception of the new system in a car varies from area to area.

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All the above will be little encouragement to car owners who like music, news etc. for company on a long journey. Some owners will find themselves with a good, serviceable car with several years useful life ahead of it but, through no fault of their own, with a radio receiver that is defunct.

This, unfortunately, is called progress and as usual it is the little guy who gets caught!

The net result is that on this occasion saving money seems impossible, but at least you are aware of the situation.

It is hardly credible that with the austerity, Government are introducing a system that will put even more strain on people's pockets. Plus the increased numbers of domestic radios being consigned to the local Amenity Tip.

But as the system is EU orientated it looks as though the people in this country will have no say in the matter.

There seems to be a serious need for some joined-up thinking here regarding EU regulations and this country.

To date only the Conservatives have promised an in/out Referendum, and of course UKIP are definitely in favour of Brexit.

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