Correct Poor Eyesight

Make sure you Correct Poor Eyesight as quickly as possible.

Your eyes and eyesight are one of the most important parts of your body. Take care of them and they will take care of you.

Glasses are now an area where many large companies are setting out to part you from your money – both in the name of high fashion and your sight, plus, most importantly, their profit margins.

Strange though it may seem, it is possible to take care of both of these items using just a little good judgement and common sense. You need to correct poor eyesight at all costs.

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Go to a reputable optician for your test.

By law, once you have had an eye test the optician is obliged to provide you with the results of the test.

Make sure it is clear and that you can read it. You need this information if you decide to buy on-line. In addition, this prescription will enable another supplier/optician make glasses for you without re-testing your eyes.

You will then have the opportunity to shop around for the most stylish glasses at competitive prices. The advantage of having regular eyesight tests, which are virtually a health check, is that all sorts of problems such as cataracts etc., can be detected. You must correct poor eyesight as soon as possible.

So depending on your age, make a bi-annual or yearly eye test a regular event.

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What are your requirements?

1. A pair of glasses that you will need to wear constantly.
2. Glasses for reading.
3. A pair for distance work, i.e., driving
4. Do you wish to have tinted lenses for driving perhaps, or are there any other special needs?

Once you have this sorted out you will need to take a decision. There are now numerous High Street stores competing for your trade which indicates that the profit margins must be high. Why not buck the trend and buy on-line?

Don't thrown your hands up in horror - once you have your prescriptiion from a reputable optician the process becomes remarkably easy. You don't even need to leave home and you will still be able to protect your eyes and hopefully, correct poor eyesight.

Prescription glasses are extremely expensive in the UK; following a test costing up to £20, a customer can expect to pay from around £50 for basic spectacle styles up to £400 for designer glasses and/or complicated lenses. Yes, your eyesight it very important, but while you are keen to correct poor eyesight, there is no need to throw money away.

Also if you are ordering online and you already wear glasses, you may possibly find details of sizing, including the width of the bridge printed on one of the arms. You can use this information when filling in a form online. However, it it becoming increasing difficult to find this information.

Resist the temptation of buying lasses from market stalls for a few pounds. Even if you kid yourself - 'Oh well, they are just for reading'. This is not a wise move - your eyesight should be one of your first considerations where your health is concerned. It cannot be replaced.

CONTACT LENSES If you are a lense wearer check the current pack of lenses for sizing information. You can only order the type of lens online that has already been prescribed by your optician.

As with everything else, there is always a variation in prices from different retailers. Asda and Tesco online stores both sell a set of 90 Bausch & Lomb SofLens one-day daily disposable lenses for around £52. Some online sellers have a useful check list of the manufacturer behind the own-brand name.


1. Don't clean your glasses with a paper tissue - you will do more harm than good. Always use a soft cloth provided by the dispensing optician in the glasses case.

2. If you suffer from dry or 'gritty' eyes, take a look at Tip.2

3. Simon Bates - DJ of Radio One fame in the 70/80s - always used to say the best way to clean glasses was to wear them in the shower! It takes all sorts.

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