Cleaning Uses For Lemons

Read about Chrissie's ideas for cleaning uses for lemons.

A reader has written with her ideas for cleaning with lemons.

Thanks to - Chrissie from Chelmsford, Essex, for the following ideas.

This page is based entirely on her ideas, and acknowledgement and thanks are given to her here.

If you have more ideas on any one particular topic, please feel free to contact us and you may well find yourself 'in print'.

Chrissie writes to us as follows:

Instead of those environmentally friendly but yucky/neutral perfume free AND expensive green cleaners - try this refreshing fruit for cleaning uses for lemons.

These expensive cleaners are not always effective at removing stubborn stains.

The juice can be used on practically anything that's colour-fast and won’t be harmed by the citric acid.

Experiment on strengths and measures, testing a small inconspicuous place first.


1. Deodorise the microwave. Put half a lemon in a small bowl with a small amount of water and heat to boiling point. Switch the microwave off but leave the bowl in the cooker until it is cold. (An even more economical tip here is to put the squeezed halves left over from a recipe and place in the bowl.) Then just wipe around the interior of the cooker with a damp cloth to remove greases and grime. This is good way to save money and avoid expensive cleaners.

2. Add the juice to some warm water and pour over your head as a final rinse when washing your hair. This is a good treatment for blonde hair, making it shine.

3. Wipe out your ‘fridge with a cloth using warm water and lemon juice.

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4. Stick half a lemon on to one of the 'cup' spikes in your dishwasher for a clean, refreshing smell. This also helps cut through the grease.

5. Use the juice as an alternative to bleach for removing stains from clothing.

6. Chrissie maintains that fresh fruit juices are superior to the bottled product.

7. For cleaning baths click on Tip. 6 for a tip that gives excellent results.

Why not use some of these excellent ideas for lemons and do away with the artificial smell of bought-in cleaners? Lemon is a far longer lasting fragrance. So to feel 'green' try the yellow and refreshing perfume of lemons instead of manufactured chemical cleaners.      From Chrissie

Do you know of any good cleaning uses for lemons?

Why not pass it on to us via the Contact Me page then we can share it with our other readers.

Thank you.

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