Your Child's Reading Age

Your Child's Reading Age is so important.

Your child's reading age can affect his/her entire life.

Reading is probably the greatest gift you will give your child.

Reading is the key that will open all doors for your child.

Make no mistake - parenting is a very hard job but at the same time, extremely rewarding.

How you approach this task can help to make or break your child’s outlook for a greater part of his life.

The ability to read will help him/her save money and make money.

When your baby starts to grow into a little walking, talking person this is the right time to start filling their brain with useful information that will hopefully stand them in good stead right into their adult years and to the end of their life. It will save them money and it will make them money.

Experts acknowledge that a young child's brain, before the age of five, is like a sponge – it just soaks up information.

From this you will appreciate the seriousness of this situation.

Take this once only opportunity to give the right information to your child and advance your child's reading age.

Once they go to school there will be massive competition for space in their brain and probably Mum and Dad will start to take second place in the competition. You will need to concentrate on your child's reading age at every available opportunity.

Plus there is the information from their peers, which may not always be good information.

So a hard task is ahead of you.


Do you need to care about child's reading age?
What do the words 'reading age' actually mean?

Normally this is defined if a child aged 7 to 9 years can read from a ‘heavy’ newspaper such as The Daily Telegraph they are classed as having a reading age of 15 years.

When they reach this stage, they have the ability to read almost anything. This is what to aim for.

When a child has reached a reading age of 15, in theory they can do anything. Concentrate on getting your child's reading age to the required level. Don't rely on school tuition alone.

They can get a job.
Learn how to change their career by reading advertisements etc.
Study for
University, at evening classes or the Open University.
Find out where they are going by such a simple things as reading street names, and so on.

Without this ability to read they are lost in a world of ignorance and danger, probably stuck in a rut for their entire life. This is why a child's reading age is of tremendous importance.

Can he/she read instruction manuals?
Can he/she read
medication directions?
What is the use of them receiving letters (either email or snail mail) if he cannot read them or send a reply?
Can he/she read
How can he understand Government communications – tax demands etc. - always assuming that they have been able to secure a job!

The list is endless. If they cannot read they are condemned to life that is - make no mistake about this - inferior.

Don’t let this happen to your child.

Make sure they attain a standard child's reading age of 15 years. Boys frequently lag behind here and some only have a child's reading age of 7 years when they enter Secondary school.


Talk to your young child right from the cradle.

Do not use words like 'doggie' and 'pussy cat' because they will only have to re-learn the correct words - dog and cat - which incidentally are so much easier.

This constant talking will make your child aware of words, and working on the 'sponge' principal, he/she will soak them up.

In a while you will notice him/her responding with a word or two of his own - maybe in a very broken style - but you will know your efforts are worth while.


A child also needs to learn how to take care of themselves, but not being scared to enjoy the great outdoors.

A child also needs to learn how to take care of themselves, but not being scared to enjoy the great outdoors.

Life is for living and too many 'Health and Safety' rules and regulations destroys many of the pleasures of childhood.

Learning to cross the road in a safe and sensible way – Stop, Look, and Listen still applies.

They need to take care of their possessions, reminding your child that these possessions cost money to replace. Not nagging, just common sense.

Teach your child to respect other people. Probably old fashioned now, but ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’

People normally react to the way in which they are treated.

Tell them that more is gained by using honey than vinegar.

Tell them 'Action may not always bring happiness, but without action there is no happiness'.

A child's reading age of 15 is essential if they are to stand a chance in life.

Parents can help in this matter - don't leave it all to the schools.

Your child is not only your treasure but your responsibility.

Help them to achieve a good place in their life and both of you will benefit.

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