Looking for the Cheapest Motor Insurance?

Are you looking for the CHEAPEST MOTOR INSURANCE?

When you buy your vehicle, make sure there is insurance cover as you cannot legally drive without it.

You are at risk of having your car legally seized by the Police if you have no car insurance.

No company can promise or guarantee the cheapest motor insurance, but we will do our best to guide you along the right lines.

Before you even contemplate spending a large capital sum of money on buying a used car, Check before you buy.

Here you can check that the car has not been stolen, that there is no outstanding HP debt on the car, that it is not an insurance write off or has been 'clocked' - had the mileage altered. A full report on the car you have in mind to buy will cost you £9.99. Probably well worth it for peace of mind!

THEN shop around to see what can be negotiated as far as the cheapest motor insurance cover is concerned.

Remember any modifications to your vehicle can increase the premium.

This is how you can save money by getting the cheapest motor insurance.

You need to negotiate the best premiums available. Amongst the categories available are fully comprehensive, 3rd party insurance, motorbike, young driver and women drivers insurance. Don't forget to take a look at the cheapest motor insurance sites.

One important consideration to be borne in mind is that honesty pays! It has been reported that the Government is considering a plan that will identify uninsured drivers on garage forecourts when at the fuel pumps. Cameras that are already installed to prevent motorists from driving off without paying for fuel would be used to cross reference number plates with the DVLA database and any vehicle that shows it is without insurance or tax would be prevented from filling up.

1. Restrict the number of drivers on your policy - particularly those under the age of 25. Insurers usually price their premium according to the youngest driver or the one with the least experience. If you are a young driver, adding an older named driver - parent for instance - may help lower your premium. Remember your aim is to get the cheapest motor insurance.

2. Put a limit on your annual mileage - the lower the better. The AA says you can save considerably on the cost of your car insurance when your annual mileage is low. Learn their lesson when seeking the cheapest motor insurance.

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3. If you have access to a garage, use it. Locking your vehicle in a garage overnight, rather than on the street, could save you 5 per cent on the cost of the policy

4. Buy a smaller, older and cheaper vehicle. It may not have the same kudos as owning a top-of-the-range brand new model, but it will certainly shave pounds off your insurance.

Modifying your car - lowering the suspension or adding a rear spoiler, for instance - could add up to, at worst, a massive 171% to your premiums.

5. Another way to save on the cost of your cheap motor insurance is to install an alarm. This can save you up to 8 per cent, depending on the type of alarm.

6. Consider accepting higher excess. Most policies include a voluntary and/or compulsory excess. If you are prepared to increase this slightly you can reduce your premium.

7. Pay the insurance premium in full at the outset. Paying by monthly installments is almost always more expensive.

8. Bearing all the above in mind take a good look around some of the insurance 'comparison' sites and you should get yourself a good money saving deal on your car insurance premium.

9. Always, always, always fasten your seat belt before you drive off. This also applies to any passengers. Not only is this a requirement by law, but may also affect any insurance claim you have to make in the future.

Simple tips will make sure you get the most out of your car. Also, if you travel our tips will help, as well these alternative tips for saving more money on your insurance.

Stephen Turvil, our guest writer adds the following tips for your benefit.
Take advantage of his excellent advice.

Minimising motor insurance premiums is important as they can be higher
than an orbiting satellite with a malfunctioning guidance system.

After all, paying an extra say, £100 annually can amount to a considerable sum over the years. So, what can motorists do to reduce their expenditure?

The first consideration is inevitably the choice of vehicle. Every model has an insurance group rating between 1-20, so pick something towards the lower end of the scale.

In simple terms, low powered models that are cheap to fix have lower premiums than sports cars with monstrous engines. Vehicles classified as insurance group 1-5 include several versions of the current Ford Fiesta and Renault Clio.

Once you have chosen a vehicle the insurance premium can be reduced by earning a no claims discount, parking in a garage overnight, improving vehicle security, and limiting the annual mileage.

It may also be worth adding a 'named driver' and increasing the voluntary excess. It is easy to asses how these factors influence premiums by searching for quotes on price comparison websites.

The final cost cutting measure is never to accept your existing company's renewal quote without first shopping around. This is because renewal prices are often higher than new policy quotes, even with the same provider.

Insurance companies get away with this as consumers who simply accept renewal quotes avoid the hassle of starting from scratch. The providers are literally charging for convenience. Clearly this can be expensive, so it is always worth making the effort and doing some proper research.

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