Cheaper Travel Insurance

Each summer and winter headlines are made in the newspapers regarding dreadful accidents that occur to people when on holiday.

Without being a 'party pooper' - this could happen to you.

Better to be safe than sorry. Why spoil a perfectly good holiday?

Before the worst happens, consider seriously taking out travel insurance, and following the tips that are given below.

1. Most importantly, don't buy a policy or cover from your travel agent. You will find much better value by shopping around on the Internet. Yes, it takes a little effort, but it is well worth it. Think - save money - look for cheaper travel insurance!

2. Many companies only cover those under 65. Direct Line, Saga, Help the Aged and Age Concern have no upper age limit on travel cover.

3. First of all check the small print – the devil is in the detail. Financial protection is sold at varying levels; it can include compensation for delayed or cancelled flights, and cover the cost of medical treatment and lost luggage. Sort this out as you seek cheaper travel insurance.

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4. If you're going to travel more than once or twice in a year, an annual policy is often the cheaper option and can start at around £25. Try Trailfinders, or Direct Line. Ask for multi-trip cover and see if you can arrange cheaper travel insurance.

5. Cover of £2m is recommended for medical cover - (you may need to be flown home by air ambulance), £1m for personal liability and £1,500 for baggage and cash. In other words, don't leave home without it!

6. Are you going on an adventure type holiday including extreme sports? Perhaps bungee jumping, white water rafting or maybe mountaineering and skiing?

Be sure to check whether you are covered for any of the activities you're planning and what the maximum age is under the terms of the policy.

7. Reputable companies should offer you a 24-hour helpline while you're abroad. Make sure to take all relevant documents concerning your policy with you. It is pointless searching out cheaper travel insurance if you are unable to benefit from it when needed.

8. Most young people take off on an adventurous, time of their life, back-packing holiday with never a thought of insurance. Stop, think - it might also be well worth investigating. Maybe this page can offer help.

9. Always check with your insuring agent whether your special requirements are covered, they are not mind-readers. It is pointless trying to arrange cheaper travel insurance if it is not the exact parcel you need.

10. Travelling the world is often the ambition of many people after they retire, but almost three-quarters of insurers refuse to provide cover for people over the age of 75. Check before you leave home just in case you are faced with serious financial consequences whilst you are away.

Two more very important points to bear in mind:

When you are abroad and run into trouble do not automatically assume the British Consulate will be able to help you out of your difficulties.

This is not always so.

There is a limit to their resources so it will pay to have adequate travel insurance before you leave home. It's called peace of mind.

Secondly, if you like to swim and dive, particularly if you are diving into the sea as opposed to a pool, always turn your first dive into a jump. If you hit something unseen in the water, probably the worst you will sustain is a broken ankle. If you dive in head first you may end up being paralysed for life.

The former, although still risky, is definitely the better option.

Better safe than sorry!

Have a happy holiday!


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