Cheaper Electricity Bills

How to get cheaper electricity bills - that is the question?

Utilities have all become increasingly expensive over recent years, and are likely to continue to do so.

Bills will increase in order to pay for wind farms and the nuclear option. 

You will need to become your own money expert to reduce your bills.

Save money whenever and wherever you can.

By searching around it is possible to find electricity suppliers who will give a good deal, but the only real way to actually get cheaper electricity bills is to learn the meaning of the word economise.

1. There are now so many price comparison sites available on the Internet that you can quickly source the best possible tariff for cheaper electricity bills . This could save money – in fact an awful lot of it! The rates they can offer are amazing.

You can also check whether it is advantageous to have separate suppliers for gas and electricity, as it is not always economically prudent to go to the same company for both fuels.

It can be done! Your priority is saving money - not help conglomerates to continue making their excessive profits. It pays to review your utility suppliers to source cheaper electricity bills every twelve months.

At the time of writing there is a flurry of information on the Internet regarding some of these companies making a commission charge of around £40 to secure your business.  Thes best advice we can give you here is - Do Your Own Research - as the situation is constantly changing.

2. If you can save 1p per hour on your electricity bill your yearly saving will amount to over £87. Switch off lights in rooms that are not being used. Even HM Queen Elizabeth does this.

Switch off the computer if it is not going to be used for several hours.

Don’t leave the television running when there is no one in the room it is a great burner of electricity. If the children have a TV in their room, make sure they switch off.

You can save 15p per week just by switching off the standby light on the TV when not in use. This amounts to £7.80 per year which is worth keeping in your pocket.

This is all about saving money and becoming an expert at it! You will need to look at the number of units consumed, not the total price on the bill to calculate your savings. Just make your aim - cheaper electricity bills. It can be done!

3. Although the following tip is not about electricity it is included here for your benefit. To become even more of an expert money saver you must avoid using 0870 telephone numbers wherever possible.

Companies using this prefix are making an additional profit when you telephone them. Keep your telephone bill down, save money by using this free service.

4. Make sure you have a full load in the washing machine and dishwasher before switching on. Think - cheaper electricity bills all the time.

This will also save money on your water bill if you are on a Water Meter.

5. Remember to clean the filter on your tumble dryer or washing machine regularly. When the filter is clogged your machine is less efficient and uses up to a third more energy. Also, the tumble dryer is the highest consumer of electricity in your home.

6. Do your washing at 30 degrees centigrade instead of a higher temperature and save one third of the energy. With the modern washing powders, this tip does work. Think cheaper electricity bills.

7. When replacing your old machine, buy an energy savings recommended machine at save at least £8.00 per year.

8. If you wear clothes once and they are not heavily stained, try freshening them up on a cold water cycle.

9. Use energy efficient light bulbs, they do make a difference. Energy saving light bulbs use 75% less electricity than standard light bulbs – yet last 10 times longer. Shop around in the major supermarkets for reasonably priced bulbs.

For the people who do not like the colour of light given off by these energy saving bulbs, it is still possible to buy the old fashioned bulbs and candle light bulbs. These are now labelled 'for Industrial use only' but are no different to these sold previously. Old fashioned iron mongers etc. are the type of store where these bulbs are likely to be found. It is also possible to buy on-line.(Blame the EU for all this nonsense).

A fluorescent tube uses 500 times more energy if left on for 15 minutes than the energy needed to restart it. So switch it off!

10. Make a point of trying to keep your freezer full as it will then use less electricity, and make sure you regularly defrost if you have one that needs manual defrosting. A heavy build up of ice will make your freezer less efficient and it will consume more electricity. Think save money here, think cheaper electricity bills.

11. If you cook by electricity, make full use of the residual heat, i.e., if you are boiling eggs, as soon as the water is on a full boil switch off the hot plate and the eggs will cook for the remaining 3 minutes in the residual heat.

Any other foods cooked in a saucepan will respond to this sort of economy, i.e., pasta, potatoes, etc. As you get used to using this tip, you will be surprised how very little time you will need to have the electric hob switched on.

When cooking pasta it might well be possible just to bring the pan to the boil, cook for half the required time then switch off and use the residual heat. Experiment here and you will be amazed at your savings and you will get to your goal of cheaper electricity bills.

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12. If you are have Economy 7 or Night and Day rate on your electricity supply, make sure you use this to save the very last penny. If you set your washing machine, water softener etc., to work for you overnight, these savings will amount to pounds during the course of a year. In one or two areas, a 10 hour cheaper rate of electricity is available. This may suit your needs. Just aim for cheaper electricity bills. Be a Scrooge!

13. When charging your mobile phone or electric toothbrush always switch off at the socket when charging is complete, otherwise the charger will continue to use electricity.

14. During a power cut, throw a thick blanket or cover over the freezer. It will help retain the cold and prevent your food being at more risk than is necessary. If your chest freezer is only half full, put piles of newspapers in on top of the food. This will help retain the low temperature.

15. If they are of a 'sensible' age, try and involve your children – make them ‘watchers of the light switches’. If you can make it a game they will cooperate and find it fun. BUT, remember don’t over economise where stairs and landings are concerned - this could literally prove fatal. Save money in a sensible way.

16. When boiling the kettle only use sufficient water for your immediate requirement. Make sure the element is covered before switching on otherwise this will be a false economy. Switch off manually instead of allowing the kettle to continue boiling when it is so obviously ready.

17. To save electricity and keep your microwave oven fresh, just switch of at the point overnight, instead of at the oven and leave the door of the oven very slightly ajar.

18. Plug-in Air fresheners There is no way of knowing when their product is gone and these will continue heating an empty container. Maybe only a small item, but this will not help you get cheaper electricity bills. From a safety-first angle, these plug-in air fresheners have been known to catch fire if left plugged in when they have expired.

19. On there is more energy saving information. In addition on you can fill in an Energy Savers Report and find out how it is possible to cut your energy bills by up to a third. Maybe this will help with cheaper electricity bills for you.

It is now possible to save in excess of 12% on your heating oil bills. Just take a look at our page and see how this will be of help - particularly to people living in rural areas.

Have we covered everything?
Let us know.

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What goes around, comes around.

Thank you.

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