A Cheap Vacuum Cleaner Bag

Buying a Cheap Vacuum Cleaner Bag

Buying a cheap vacuum cleaner bag is one of the 'Oh so simple' secrets of getting the best from your vacuum cleaner.

There are also many other parts of your vacuum cleaner that need TLC, including care of the bag-less types of cleaner now on the market.

Read on for some easy tips to maintaining your vacuum cleaner in working order.

These simple tips may well save you a fortune.

A vacuum cleaner can easily be taken for granted.

Is it this 'thing' that lurks in the cupboard to be pressed into service for a quick clean-up, then put away until the next time?

The trouble is that when the ‘next time’ comes your cleaner may groan and refuse to start. You will probably offer up a mental curse and wonder "What is wrong with this machine?"

First of all, run through the following check list to see what may be the cause of the trouble.

1. Is the bag full? A replacement with a cheap vacuum cleaner bag may be the obvious solution. Or in the case of a bag-less cleaner, does the container need emptying?

One mis-guided lady threw her vacuum cleaner away because 'it was not working'. All it needed was the bag emptying or replacing.

A small tip here. If you have a cleaner that uses bags, stick a cheap air-freshener block to the inside of the vacuum door and it will send out a pleasant smell as you clean.

2. Is the brush roll at the base of the cleaner clogged with cottons, strands of hair and other unmentionables? This clogging will put extra strain on the belt. Remove carefully making sure that no cottons remain around the connection point of brush roll to cleaner body.  If you are a dressmaker beware of picking up pins from the carpet.  These are likely to damage your machine.

3.  On bag-less vacuum cleaners it is necessary to remove the filter. Is it clogged with dirt? Does it need washing? This should be done on a regular basis i.e. every three or six months according to the manufacturer's instructions. A dirty filter will only send back dust into the room. If possible put a sticky label at the rear of the machine with the date when the filter was last washed. No excuses then!

4. Is the suction pipe blocked with odd items that your cleaner has picked up – matches, hair clips, pins. These items can obstruct the flow of ‘normal’ dirt, hair etc., and so cause a blockage. This must be removed before proceeding.

5. Don’t over-stretch the flex. Be careful as you rewind it back after use. Also check the plug. Is a new fuse needed? One important point to remember – while you are checking all the above items, particularly the last, make sure the vacuum cleaner is unplugged from the mains supply.

Whilst a cheap vacuum cleaner bag may be all that is need here, for trouble shooting reference to your service manual is your first port of call. It is impossible to delve into the workings of each individual brand of cleaner here, so maybe a case of read and learn.

Consideration for this much maligned piece of household equipment will give it many years of useful life.

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