Turn Cheap Holidays
Cheaper Holidays

The following tips will turn cheap holidays into cheaper holidays


make sure you really do put these tricks into operation.

You need this information to keep ahead of the airlines and tour operators.

They are experts and know all the tricks.

Read on for advice.

1. Travel light

Budget airlines such as EasyJet and Ryanair may be able to keep ticket prices down, but there are still plenty of opportunities for passengers to easily clock up charges.

EasyJet recently changed its extra baggage costs to £25 per bag checked into the hold at the check-in desk and £40 per bag that exceeds the carry-on size if not checked in until the boarding gate.

Ryanair has similar size and weight restrictions on luggage. Weigh packed bags on bathroom scales at home to make sure you do not exceed limits. If you're a really light packer, just take hand luggage and save up to £100 per holiday. All the above prices were correct at time of writing and will help you secure cheap holidays.

2. Insurance is worthwhile and essential

Single trip family travel insurance starts from as little as £9 based on a family of four going to France for a week from cheaper travel insurance

If you do not insure it could end up costing you thousands of pounds should you have an accident. Always get yourself covered.

Taking the rosy view, you may think that if all you want to do is sit by a pool there's no need for insurance. Think again. Lost or damaged luggage, pick-pockets, lost passports and food poisoning are problems that can happen to anyone, turning a simple relaxing holiday into a costly nightmare.

Don't wait until the day before you fly to get travel insurance. Buy a policy when you book your holiday, but don’t buy it from your travel agent. You are likely to get a far better deal if you insure with a specialist company not your agent. By all means enquire the price of the agent’s offered cover and use it as a starting point. With the appropriate cover, should you be affected by strikes, illness or a bereavement, you can reclaim for any pre-paid expenses.

Sites such as http://www.staysure.co.uk/home are likely to offer alternatives.

3. Pay less to park

Public transport may be the cheapest way to get to an airport – but young children, early morning flights and baggage often make it the least convenient method.

Driving your own car to the airport is the preferred choice, but steep parking costs can put you off. If you enlist the services of a friend to drive you and your family in your car, make sure your and their insurance covers this canny move.

Book parking space far enough in advance however, and you can save as much as 50 per cent.

According to research by travelsupermarket.com it costs £394.40 for eight days in a short-stay car park at Heathrow or £133.60 in a long-stay one. But by booking in advance into a long-stay car park, it costs just £68.90.

A sensible alternative is to investigate sites such as www.yourparkingspace.co.uk have a section for cheap parking near airports that may well be worth consideration.

This one tip will turn cheap holidays into much cheaper holidays

4. Be a Canny Snacker

A couple of packets of crisps and a few small bottles of water can leave you with precious little change from £10 if you buy on board a Budget airline.

No-frills flying is only cheap because of the cuts – but the mark-ups can level this out. These companies make money on extras such as food and drink on board. Food is marked up an average of 400 per cent and drink up to 800 per cent. Buyer beware!

Instead, pack your own food from home, and buy drinks from airport retailers to save money. But remember, any bottles exceeding 100ml are confiscated at security, so water and other drinks may need to be bought air-side.

As you will see, by being a savvy buyer, using all the web sites and tips at your disposal you can look forward to cheap holidays.

Give the recession a beating.

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