by Dave Gladwell
(Waveney, Norfolk UK)

On my knees but not for prayers!

On my knees but not for prayers!

Never think you are too old to enjoy the company of younger people and can enjoy new experiences. There are plenty of people in the World who can benefit from your efforts, skills or past profession. Some Charities, providing you are picky, can be a great source and a life-changing experience. "Hands" whilst religiously motivated in the main make welcome room for us unbelievers. They are in general far cheaper than most holidays but true, some of the aspects could be returning to basics for bedding for a few of the days. My time in Thailand with them was one to widen my appreciations of the misfortunes; and evils; that still exist today outside our own domain. We must never stop trying to enrich our lives with greater understandings. It is just no use holding on to that retirement pot forever, lounging in the chair at home, because life will only be as full as you want it to be.

Events like this can motivate you to raise funds to support the trip and the Projects it encompasses. Mine was to introduce cultivation of the Tapea fish species of fish for commercial use and a food supply in tiny far flung villages on the Burmese border. A wild and beautifully unspoilt place, looking down on to the tree-tops from high narrow mountain earthy tracks.
Think about it and you will get far greater value for about £1200 than you can for the best part of a month elsewhere!


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Nov 02, 2015
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Oct 30, 2015
charity NEW
by: Anonymous

It is great your initiative, but charity work should be done all the time, not only for the holidays. For instance, there is a large organization which puts street pianos in NY to let strange people to play on it. There are talented persons who don't have money to buy a piano, but in this way they can practice on it.

Oct 30, 2015
Impressive NEW
by: Anonymous

The work is really great and i admire that.
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Sep 30, 2015
comments NEW
by: nicer

Believe me you are not on knees you are on our shoulders because what you are doing is not shared on movies or books, its for humanity for those who are just watching movies in their bed rooms or Arab who are just spending money in hotels for luxury purposes. I request you to please go and submit your content with pictures on by sending an email to admin, i hope you would get good response from them because they need quality writers all times.

Aug 11, 2009
by: ToddD

Interesting site, keep it up!

Jan 17, 2009
Great Charity Effort.
by: Hazel

Great charity effort Dave. Keep digging, you might even find oil.

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