Central Heating Oil Prices

Watch central heating oil prices, and buy at the right price.

Read on and learn how to combat central heating oil prices

Most people in rural areas have no alternative but to use central heating oil as their main source of heating.

In addition, because of their location it is often difficult for them to save money.

This scheme should be of particular interest when taking into consideration the recent huge hike in central heating oil prices.

Because the volume of central heating oil that one sole
householder can order will be low in tanker terms, the price is always likely to be high.


This situation just needs one or two people to set up a loose group of up to 200 members all wishing to cut their heavy heating bills. Make it clear to members of the group that orders will be taken at specific times, eg. March, July and December.

If you live in a village or small community this method is very easy to establish. Alternatively, ask around if you belong to a sports club, Women’s Institute or similar.

If you have a local parish magazine, so much the better. Alternatively a notice in the local Post Office or Village Store (if you still have one) should bring results. Word-of-mouth is probably the best recommendation.

If you cannot manage two hundred members, even a group of half-a-dozen should be viable.

First of all approach a local supplier saying that you have ‘X’ number of people in the village/vicinity all wishing to take a delivery of 'X' litres of central heating oil (kerosene) on a set date.

Point out to the company that this would involve just one destination, one tanker and one man and that deliveries would be close to each other. Then bargain hard for a discount on central heating oil prices.

Here you may need to speak to the Manager of the depot who will probably have greater authority than your usual telephone-sales person.

Try more than one company because it is quite likely that prices will vary with some companies being more entrepreneurial and co-operative. The prices they quote will depend on how many hundred/thousands of gallons you will be ordering. Getting some illustrative prices from a couple of companies will be a time when 'tactical negotiating' - haggling - comes into play. Pitching one company against another.

When you have secured the most competitive price available you will need to contact all the members of your group. It is important that you are firm and clear with your prospective customers.
The price is…...... and delivery is…...... Also make it quite clear what type of oil is being ordered.

THE REWARD A venture of this type needs a capable person(s) with good organizing abilities. The benefits are obvious. Therefore, it would not be out of order for the person doing the ordering to charge a small fee for so doing - either from the group or from the oil company.

Best of luck in organising your own particular Oil Syndicate Club.

Remember, a group of 6 members should be able to negotiate with the oil supplier with a far greater chance of success than one person alone. 

As an additional aid, we have recently added another page on the subject of oil theft which is likely to be of interest to you.

This tip was featured on You and Yours - 13.04.2008 - the Radio 4 magazine programme. It mentioned the fact that some of the people in a group that had been formed were saving £100 on each delivery.

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