Car Safety Advice

Car Safety Advice is really all about four small patches of rubber - each approximately the size of your hand.

Surprisingly, these are the only parts of your car in touch with the road surface and on which much of your safety relies.

Therefore, it follows that these four small patches of rubber deserve your earnest attention.

Car safety advice means it is vital you keep these tyres in good condition and correctly inflated.

Regular checks and maintenance will help keep you safe and on the right side of the law.

Never economise on tyres. Your safety and the safety of others may depend upon those four small patches of rubber. It pays to heed our car safety advice.

Tyre safety and tyre life are influenced by many factors.

For your convenience the main points are listed below.

  • Driving style. Boy racers seem addicted to the screach of brakes. They fail to recognise that this and aggresive cornering increases wear and tear on tyres. It is quite possible they never give any attention to car safety advice.
  • The front tyres of a vehicle will wear faster because of the movement through stearing.
  • Higher speeds increase the temperature and accelerates tyre wear.
  • Load, in particular excessive load, increases wear.
  • Both under and over inflation plus incorrect alignment all affect tyre safety.

The legal tread limit on tyres is 1.66mm. It is worth remembering that tyre safety grip gets worse on wet surfaces. It is a wise move to replace the tyres on a vehicle when the tread wears below 2mm.

Tyre age. Several different conditions contribute to tyre ageing. Heat, sunlight and rain are the main factors. The problem is more common on caravans, trailers and vehicles that are only used occasionally. Look for signs of cracking on tyres of four or five years old on vehicles that are parked outside.

Another possible reason for unintentional neglect of tyres on these types of vehicles is the difficulty in getting to the tyre merchant with a hefty vehicle in tow. It is well worth the effort.

A tyre specialist will be able to advise you.

Your tyre safety and that of your family must come ahead of possible expenditure here.
Other ways of saving money can be found.

Custom Search

1. Take a look at This is a fantastic site. If you are not sure of what tyres to fit on your vehicle you can do a search by registration number. Included in the price, the tyres will be fully fitted. The company find you a tyre fitter in your locality.

2. Keep the tyres inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure, this reduces the ‘drag’ and stops petrol wastage. Also .....

3. By keeping your tyres inflated to the correct pressure you will get a more comfortable ride and you will also be safer on the road. Young drivers often overlook this factor.

4. When you don’t need it, remove the roof rack as this will also reduce the ‘drag’. Now that the ‘England’ flags have been removed (removing the drag factor) why not sport a small England sticker on your rear bumper?

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