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This car clinic help page has been established to bring together in the one place the best motoring links we have found.

We have also included those from our other pages to make hunting around easier for you.

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1. Lift Share Find someone travelling the same way so you can share your journey – save money, cut your carbon footprint and hopefully, have a pleasant journey!

2. Lowest UK petrol prices Take a look around and see how much money you can save. Great for other motoring tips.

3. Plan your route here No Sat.Nav?  No worries, just select your route here. Avoid speed cameras etc.

4. Accessories for your 4 x 4 For the people running 4 x 4's as an essential part of their job and for those who run them for pleasure!

5. Buy From Your Main Dealer A service which helps bring buyers and sellers of new cars together.

6. Secondhand Cars for Sale Start here if you want to compare prices.

7. A Car for the Future? Is this a pipe-dream or not or maybe really a car for the future.

8. The Original UK Green Car News site. For people who like cars....and the planet.

9. Appeal your Parking Ticket If you have received a parking ticket, had your car clamped or towed away, you may find your solution here.

10. Justice for the Motorist Seeks to reveal to the ordinary motorist how the cards of government, police and judicial systems are stacked against him. Helping to deal with allegations of motoring offences in real life.

11. Potholes and More this site deals with potholes, broken surfaces, damaged speed humps and all manner of road defects.

12. Your Street and Motoring See how this site can help regarding dealing with defects to the highway in your area. These last two sites are excellent if you have had the misfortune to hit a pot-hole in your car and suffered damage.

13. Daily Telegraph Motoring Page This is a good site for comprehensive information.

This Car Clinic page will be added to as and when we come across other web sites that are worth recommending.

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