Good Burglary Prevention Advice

Burglary Prevention Advice to keep you and

your home safer

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A burglary system can be expensive to install and this page is for people who would like to take maximum precautions but with minimum expense.

It is back to basics because burglars will always take the path of least resistance.

Burglary prevention advice makes life more difficult for them.
Pit your wits against theirs.
In other words, keep one step ahead the whole time.

Burglars are looking for goods which they can quickly sell, and goods which are easy to handle when they are making their get-away such as small electronic devices.


1. Install some form of outside security light that is operated by sensors. This is handy for you when you come home after dark, but also deters unwanted visitors.

It is a case of looking after your own best interests with good burglary prevention advice.

2. A burglar told police that a resident dog, security lights and a gravel drive are the three things that act as the greatest deterrents to thieves. Next on his list of deterrents were sticky paint on fences along with barbed wire. Straight from the horses's mouth direct to you.

3. Don’t forget the basic items such as good locks on all doors, bolts where possible and locks on all windows. Make particularly sure your window locks above the kitchen sink and on the second floor landing are secure. These are favourite places of entry for burglars. Just act on good burglary prevention advice.

4. If you take a winter holiday get your neighbour to leave tyre tracks in any snow on your drive. Also ask them to remove any flyers that are left in your mail box.

5. Often thieves knock at the door to check if you are at home. If you answer they will ask for directions somewhere. This is where it pays to keep a dog in the house. They will bark if you are out and this should deter the burglar. If you have don't have a dog, buy one of the dog alarms which are activated when there is someone at the door.

6. If you have a house/document safe, make sure it is bolted down securely or possibly under the floor boards otherwise it is pointless. Any burglar will just take it with him.

7. Taking the easy route again, mark any valuable items you have in your home with an ultraviolet pen, using your post code as identification. This way, should the police locate any of your stolen items, these can then hopefully be returned to you. Mark items such a bicycles as these are now very ‘nickable’.

8. If you leave home early in the morning, not returning to well after dusk, don’t leave valuable items such as lap tops, mobile phones, iPods, Kindle books in view from the window. If you have any other expensive items, keep them out of sight.

9. A sad indicator of the times we now live in. Apparently if potential thieves notice flowers in your home, you are considered wealthy and worth of a visit.

10. Set a radio on a timer, with the radio tuned into a programme with a lot of talks on it, i.e. BBC Radio 4 This will give the effect of people talking inside the house. A lady who spent 6 weeks in Australia successfully used this tip. Even friends thought she was at home listening to the radio. She also installed timers on a couple of table lights. This was her own private burglary system.

11. If you are going to be out all day, hang some washing on the line – indicating habitation.

12. Don’t leave messages for the milkman (if you still have one!) asking him to cancel deliveries for a few days. Make a point of talking to him personally and asking him not to repeat the information.

13. Buy a dummy Burglary Alarm Box and fit it in a prominent position on your front house wall. This is your secret. This is your own private burglary prevention advice from us. Don't tell the neighbours, don't tell anyone this is a dummy box, otherwise it will not be worth installing it!

14. Don’t put your name and address on luggage labels on suitcases when you go away few a few days. Some baggage handlers might make a note and pass the information on safe in the knowledge that you will be away for several days.

15. Check your insurance policy if it covers both buildings and contents to see if it covers any breakages caused by burglars such as broken windows.

16. Be prepared for the worst. Always report the burglary to the police and get an Incident Number from them. You will need this for your insurance company. If any damage done to your home has made it insecure, make sure that both the police and your insurance company are instantly aware of this fact. Take immediate action to reverse this situation.

17. On insurance policies in general, never, ever over insure your house at a figure you consider to be its potential value. This is wrong. All you need is to insure the cost of rebuilding. The land on which it stands (probably the most valuable portion) still remains (except in the case of land erosion or slippage). Remember we are saving money here.

18. Maybe, just maybe, if the period of time when altering the clocks is moved to GMT plus 1 or 2 this will give the burglars less time to prowl around in the dark. Plus more time for us to enjoy the extra daylight in the evening.

This burglary prevention advice should help define the situation in which we are now living.

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