The Best Ways of Cleaning Teeth

Are you sure you know the best ways of cleaning teeth?

If you take care of your teeth now you will not only save yourself a lot of money as you get older but probably a lot of pain, discomfort and many dreadful problems.

Do you really want to wear false teeth and suffer all the embarrassment these can bring with them?


The best ways of cleaning teeth will involve some initial outlay of cash, but you will save money in the end by being able to keep your teeth, by not having spend money on trips to the dentist for painful treatment, possibly extractions and probably ending up with a set of dentures. Not always a pretty sight!

Dental health is closely linked to general physical health, and fortunately there are many inexpensive techniques to keep teeth healthy and prevent decay – and often avoiding expensive dental treatment sessions. Just make sure you know the best ways of cleaning teeth.


1. Have a healthy diet. Eat plenty of fruit. Soda is very acidic. It is so very acidic that even diet soda can cause tooth decay. Keep soda and sweetened drinks to a minimum. Limit consumption to not more than one or two glasses of soda per week.

This particular page Water v Coca Cola needs to be read to help you make up your mind.

It has been suggested that adding two teaspoons of cod liver oil to your diet reduces tooth decay by at least 40%. This adds add vitamins that aren’t in most diets.

2. Don't drink milk or eat snacks at night after brushing. Only eat sticky sweets during the day and close to meal times.

3. Remember that processed fruit snacks are not always healthy snacks. These fruit snacks are frequently candy wearing a healthy looking package. Temptation in disguise. Take your fruit as nature intended.

4. Stain causing offenders are coffee, cigarettes and red wine. Drinking healthy peppermint tea can also cause this problem.

PLAQUE. (Dental dirt)

This forms naturally on the teeth and it is why you need learn how to clean teeth properly. When the plaque is not removed and left undisturbed, it can cause decay in the form of cavities (holes) in the teeth and damage to the gums. Both can be exceedingly painful. Just make sure you learn the best ways of cleaning teeth.

To successfully remove this danger you need to clean your teeth a minimum of twice per day – once in the morning and again at bedtime.

If you can also clean your teeth after lunch (mid-day), or before any meeting/engagement, so much the better.

The night-time cleaning routine is the most important.

The drill is:

  • Clean teeth with a pea sized dab of tooth-paste on the brush for around two minutes. Most electric brushes have a timer.
  • Next either use Floss or a Te-Pe brush,to clean between each tooth - your dentist can recommend the correct sizeTe-Pe brush to use then finally
  • Rinse mouth with an alcohol free mouthwash.
  • For a final check use a dental disclosure tablet if you want to be 100% plaque free.
  • Make sure you do not eat or drink anything else before going to sleep - except water.

Using a dab of fluoride tooth paste is helpful, but the mechanical action of brushing is more important than any toothpaste or mouth rinse.

Mechanical (electric) toothbrushes are far more effective than standard manual toothbrushes. The old saying applies - you only get what you pay for. Look upon an electric toothbrush as an investment in your good health.

Inexpensive mechanical brushes that spin in one direction do not clean as well as toothbrushes that rotate (Oral-B models), or vibrate sonically (Philips Sonicar). Finish off with rinsing the mouth with a non-alcoholic mouth wash. Yes, this does take effort on your part, but you're worth looking after.

Make a point of going to the dentist every six months for a check-up and make sure you clean your teeth properly.

Yes - maybe it's inconvenient. It may not be cheap to go to the dentist for these check-ups but definitely worthwhile and a whole lot cheaper than having to pay for major surgery if any fault/decay is left to fester. Do make sure you learn the best way to clean your teeth.

Your dentist can find small cavities and repair them. Waiting for the cavity to become noticeable or painful usually means that the tooth could need expensive root canal treatment, a crown, or extraction.

Plus there is the danger that if decay is left to fester, then an abscess may possibly develop resulting in the possible loss of the tooth. Don’t go down that road - it's both painful and expensive.

The best way to save money is learning the best ways of cleaning teeth
and making sure you do it regularly.

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