Avoid Bowel Cancer

Is it possible to avoid bowel cancer?

Most people dread the big’ C’ but there is a very simple way of keeping it at bay.

Technically everyone is on a diet depending on what they eat.  It could be a healthy diet or a junk food diet. 

This page will help you not only to save money but hopefully protect your health.

Your diet may be a junk food diet, a healthy diet, a low fat diet, a see-food diet (eat whatever you see) or a high fibre diet which is explained below.

It is worth remembering - you are what you eat.

As well as saving you money, let us help you with good advice. There are several easy to follow tips that you can adopt when trying to avoid bowel cancer such as: maintaining a healthy weight, limiting your alcohol intake, not smoking and keeping physically active. Add to this a high fibre diet and you are on the right road.

These are not difficult objectives, even if at first glance they may seem impossible. Eat sensibly – don’t use the word dieting it can be daunting – and you will be in the right frame of mind.

Recent research by Imperial College has shown that by eating 10g. of fibre per day showed a 10% reduction risk in the causes of bowel cancer. It appears that the more fibre the better when trying to avoid bowel cancer.

Also on the plus side is that the consumption of fibre will lead to better cholesterol levels, better blood sugar levels and less constipation.

Some excellent sources of fibre are porridge or whole grain cereals (not the sugary type), wholemeal bread, or grain breads and brown rice. These should also help to avoid bowel cancer.

Porridge is easy to make in the microwave oven and is a good start to the day. Top the dish of porridge with fruit such as sliced apple.

A quick lunch could be sandwiches containing low fat cheese spread, hummus (this is made from chick peas) and salad vegetables, with a couple of pieces of fruit to follow.

An open sandwich consisting of a large slice of toasted wholemeal or grain bread spread with low fat cottage cheese and tomatoes would be fine when the weather is colder. Maybe with a good vegetable soup beforehand.

If you are eating meat choose from turkey or chicken with the skin removed. Poultry skin is where most of the fat lurks. Fish eaters will probably go for salmon or sardines. It has very recently been found that eating too much bacon or too many sausages can cause pancreatic cancer.

Adopting this sensible way of eating should help avoid bowel cancer. There are so many interesting foods to eat and enjoy while you are keeping healthy.

Professor Robert Thomas. a consultant at a UK hospital is now experimenting with a pill containing the main constituents of broccoli, turmeric, green tea and pomegranate as a way of avoiding cancer. (See How To Eat For Health )Therefore it makes sense to eat these three foods.

They also suggest avoiding barbequed meat and alcohol as a sensible precaution. The process of barbequing where the fat spurts up from the heat onto the meat again is apparently the main source of the trouble.


Starting to eat whole grains does not immediately confer protection from cancer. It just means that adopting a more sensible eating plan that includes grains, fruit and vegetables increases the chances of a healthy life, plus

Forget the five-a-day regime, aim higher and eat as many fruits and veggies as you can manage, plus

Cut down on the consumption of red meats and processed meats such as sausages, bacon and ham. Guys - remember we are trying to avoid bowel cancer. The incidence of cases of bowel cancer is highest in countries such as Australia and the United States where steaks are greatly favoured.  Also, would you put the wrong fuel in your car? plus

Cut out smoking, plus

Keep a sensible limit on your alcohol consumption, plus

Exercise just 30 minutes a day and try to keep to a healthy weight. Walking is the cheapest and easiest form of exercise. If you are at work, try walking to the station, walking up the escalator, get outside in your lunch break and walk. Just alter this to suit your own personal circumstance, but just make sure you exercise.

Without you - there is nothing.

Just make a little effort and have
a higher regard for your body.
You won't be getting another one.
Remember - You are worth it.

If you maintain a healthy weight, limit your alcohol intake, don’t smoke and keeping physically active your whole body will benefit. You blood pressure should reduce, your skin will become clearer and altogether you will feel a better person.

Give it a try. You are worth it. Remember, it is not advocated you become a party-pooper, eat well as listed above, exercise and enjoy life. Just common sense really!

The NHS is running a Bowel Cancer Screening Programme. Contact your local NHS and ask to be sent a Bowel Cancer Screen Kit. The test can be carried out at home and the kits are sent off to a laboratory to look for cancer indications.

A good intake of fibre and fruits each day could be along the following lines:

Breakfast: Porridge oats with a tablespoon of sultanas added. Cook in water and serve topped with sliced apple, followed by rye crispbread and marmalade. If you can put the oats and sultanas into soak in the water overnight the porridge will taste evener better.
Mid morning snack: a few dates or a clementine/satsuma,
Lunch: Cheat's Risotto Chinese leaves, celery, home grown beetroot and some fish - either sardines or salmon.
Afternoon snack: Dried apricots, pecan nuts, or clementines.
Dinner: Whatever is available - i.e., chicken, cauliflower cheese, fish, quiche, etc. but always plenty of vegetables such as brocolli, carrots, peas, tomatoes etc. Aim at having half of the plate covered in vegetables.
Dessert: Fresh fruit.
Evening snack same as afternoon snack.

Nothing in life can give you a clear and easy passage, but at least give yourself a fighting chance.

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