An Aussie Bush Walk Mystery

by Lou-ann Atkinson
(Lismore, N.S.W., Australia)

I awoke to a beautiful sunny morning one day, many years back now and decided to take my best mate Jack, a loyal and loving German Shepherd, for a walk along our local bush tracks.

He was so excited and talking to me all the way down to the entrance of the trails. We started off and he took off in front of me, nose to the ground and having a great time. I'd call to him every so often and he'd come straight back to me, greeting me with a big smiling face, then, off he'd go again.

A few minutes passed, as I enjoyed my stroll and admired the beauty of the bush. I realised I couldn't hear or see him, calling and calling him, with no response, I started to get worried. I ran down the track, by now yelling out his name. I walked (ran actually) on and on, no Jack!

It was so unlike him not to respond, so, I started thinking the worst, had he been hurt, bitten by a snake, the scenarios kept running through my mind.

I spent the next two hours searching, eventually, I decided I should return to my car and go and get help. As I found my way out of the trails and saw my car I was utterly shocked to see Jack, standing by the drivers side door.

He greeted me with utter glee and excitement, I opened the car door and he literally flew in. I have no idea what happened to him and never will, but, I was so relieved and exhausted I just wanted to go home, as, obviously, Jack did too.

Our lovely bushwalking day had not turned out as expected, it did though have a happy ending. We have since returned and enjoyed our bushwalks again, without incidence.


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Jan 15, 2011
I know how intelligent sheps are!
by: Anonymous

Your story warmed my heart and I know exactly what you mean. We had a beloved loyal german shepherd called Basil, He lived for 9 yrs (cancer of the spleen.) They are so intelligent,and well behaved. we could walk him off the lead to heel everywhere so loyal and obediant. He loved kids and babies very gentle kind and brilliant. That was 5 easters ago and we still miss him.

Jan 14, 2011
A very intelligent dog!
by: Anonymous

Thanks Lou-ann for a heart stopping story. I am so very pleased it had a happy ending.

Being a GSD admirer I wonder if Jack was having a friendly game with you?

They are very intelligent dogs and maybe he was getting a little tired from his walk and wanted you to chauffeur him back home.

I would not be at all surprised.

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