Advantages of Working
at Home

Why not strike out on your own and discover more advantages of working at home? 

More and more people are setting up their own business to avoid the credit/wage squeeze.

The first page of our 'Work From Home' theme can be found at Benefits of Home Working

Continuing this theme here, we give ideas for other part-time enterprises that can be run and managed in your evening 'spare time'.

When your new idea becomes profitable you may have sufficient earning power for the part-time job to become your real full-time job.

Alternatively, if you are employed full time at work and want to leave to start a family, your part-time enterprize will be very handy in supplementing your income, then you can really enjoy the advantages of working at home.

For readers in the UK there is a Government funded scheme to advise people in business.  Several of their seminars are free - particularly for start-up ventures.

To take advantage of this go to this link Business Link of telephone 0845 600 9006

1.  Do you have a specific skill?  Do you need a specific service?  If so take a look at People Per Hour and see how you can both locate someone to help to your specific needs, or how you can provide a service for someone.  This is a very interesting and unusual site and definitely worth investigation.

2.  Many large businesses have been based on the idea of selling something you can make.  Do you have a speciality curry mix?  Do you have a sewing skill?  The late Laura Ashley started her business empire at the kitchen table. 

Many a stay-at-home mum has started a cottage industry in this way.  Can you enlist any of your friends in such an enterprize and form a mini-cooperative?  Well worth considering in your seatch for the advantages of working at home.

To expand on this, many farmers are now grouping to work together to sell organic foods, each farmer with his own speciality product.  They have a central coordindtor who handles the selling side of the business and they all share in the profit.  It can be done!  Just use this knowledge to enjoy the benefits of working at home.  Be your co-ordinator and gather your firends into the group!

3.  Have your spent years learning and perfecting your hobby - yoga for instance?  Do you have a musical talent?  Are you a master at bridge? Is your garden an oasis of calm and brilliant design?  Think and see how you can market these skills as part of the advantages of working at home scheme.

4.  There are also possibilities in selling from home.  Several companies such as Avon etc. offer opportunities.  You can access the Avon-on-line enrolement page at

Avon - Your Dream Opportunity

5.  Have you spent several years looking after your children?  Could you put these skills to good use in a nursery/child care business of your own?

Our book How to Start a Small Business will give you plenty of ideas.

7.  Have you thought of taking in a paying guests/lodger?  You can receive up to £4,250 tax free p.a.  If the rent exceeds that sum you can choose between paying tax on the profit you make or paying tax on the amount of rent above £4,250.  More details are available at

HM Revenue and Customs

Ask for leaflet IR 150 - Taxation or Rents - a Guide to Property Income.

This page is all about the advantages of working at home.

Why not take advantage of the advantages?  Simples.

Do you know of a good 'alternative' tip for making money?

If it is legal - why not pass it on to us via the

Contact Me page.

 We can then pass it on to our other readers?

Thank you.

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Advantages of Working From Home

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