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Save Money Newsletter for November, 2014
November 08, 2014

A tip today that will save you time and effort and reduce tedious bother when re-potting a plant.

1. Remove the plant from old pot and select another which is slightly larger.

2. At the base of the new pot cover the drainage holes with a layer of leaves making sure no holes are visible. Do not use stones - these give no nourishment to the plant and take up important space the plant will need as it grows. These leaves will rot away in time, but you will not be troubled with soil leaking out of the bottom of the new pot as the new roots will consolidate the soil as they grow. Plus your plant will get nourishment from the rotting leaves.

3. Insert sufficient new compost around the plant so that it reaches the ridge at the top of the new pot. Make sure this new soil is firmly rammed down.

4. Water and allow to drain.

Job done. You will find your plant will grow well and when the job of re-potting comes again, you will not have troublesome stones to remove from the new roots.

Looking forward to next month. Keep well. Jo.

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