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Save Money Newsletter for January, 2014
January 30, 2014

January can be a depressing time of the year. Christmas has gone, bills are coming in and to make matters worse, the weather is usually gloomy.

What’s to be done? Confront things head on.

Let’s assume that you, like most of us, have succumbed to having eaten just a tad too much over Christmas and New Year. Chocolate is my particular sin!

If so, then hot foot it straight over to Failed Slimmers and when you have literally digested (excuse the pun) that page take a look at Shed Unwanted Pounds

To make these two pages work for you, it will be necessary to add a little of your own ingredient – willpower.

Go on – have a go. It can be done. Try walking every day. If you have a dog, he/she will be delighted to accompany you, or enlist a friend for company. The secret is to make losing weight not only a target, but a pleasure.

Remember, it can be done!

Thank you for reading this Newsletter and until next month, best wishes. Jo

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