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Save Money Newsletter for April, 2013
April 05, 2013

With Spring promising (?) to appear within a few days it is still a case of fingers crossed!

If you have household bills mounting up, try and save money by avoiding expensive repair bills Just a few moments attention can save you pounds on unnecessary repair bills – and probably a load of cursing!

If you are planning a move why not do it yourself? Try a man with a van It would seem this service is available in many countries. Searching Google or your local telephone directory should help solve a problem and make your move much cheaper.

Continuing on the saving money theme, why not take a look at the books available in the third column of our web site Save Money Guide and start a small business from home. With the fine weather hopefully ahead, maybe Walk the Walk will inspire you.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained! This particular venture should be a lot of fun as well as a money spinner.

One for the petrol-heads. Airless Car Tyres. Is this the future?

Now we have a plea for help. Does anyone know of a tip to stop squirrels stealing food from the bird feeding station. If you will go to Garden Pests you will read how we have tried and failed to stop the squirrels. I realise I cannot prevent the squirrels coming into the garden, and they really are fascinating little creatures, I just need to stop them stealing the bird food.

Until next time, thank you for reading this Newsletter and take care. Jo

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