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Save Money Newsletter for March, 2013
March 10, 2013

With Spring hopefully around the corner some spring cleaning has already been done at Save Money Guide. Our home page has been given a lift. Do take a look

Do you have a mobile (cell) phone or are you contemplating buying one for yourself or an elderly relative? Why not go to our new page at this sensible money saving advice for all ages.

Do you feed the wild birds during the winter and early spring? As a result are you plagued by grey squirrels – otherwise known as American Tree Rats? I am in the process of trying a new anti-squirrel remedy.

It may seem a little unkind but after having the seed repeatedly eaten by the squirrels and not the birds, plus having had five seed containers broken by these pests, I finally flipped! I wonder if the squirrels will take the hint (or the cayenne)?

I have seen one squirrel rubbing his face which became coloured a deep orange/red. He/she did not seem very happy, so maybe this method has possibilities.

Thank you for reading this Newsletter and take care. Jo

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