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Save Money Newsletter for February, 2013
February 01, 2013

There is no time to lose in bringing the following new page to your attention.

With winter giving us a ‘blast’ now seems to be an excellent time to read about Central Heating Costs.

Although the page features oil fired central heating, it also works with gas fired systems.

Do remember to take elementary precautions as far as losing heat is concerned. Check doors and window frames in case they would benefit from the installation of some bog standard, low tech draft excluder. Also, make sure your loft is well insulated.

We are not knocking the Government’s new scheme ‘Green Deal’ but feel it needs careful investigation before signing up for anything like this. The same applies to the ‘free’ Solar Panels on offer from various companies. Do take care before you sign on any dotted lines!

If you are a parent, grandparent or godparent why not read Spending Money Wisely and set the youngsters off on a money saving – and hopefully – money making route. Catch them early!

Thank you for reading this Newsletter and take care. Jo.

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