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Save Money Newsletter for January, 2013
January 05, 2013

Did you eat and drink too much over the festive season? Probably. Have you made a New Year’s resolution yet? Not Yet?

Why not take a look at our pages Slow down the ageing process

In the brown outlined box at the start of first page is all you really need to know - because it works. Save money on expensive cosmetics and take the easy route to looking younger.

The second page and Failed Slimmers really amounts to a confessional and is fun to read.

Technically there is only one slimming diet that works – Eat Less and Move More. Knowing this will save you money wasted on diet books that fail to work. If you must snack, try fresh fruit. You will probably be surprised how quickly this all becomes a healthy habit. Why not try it?

BUT most important of all is to remember that - without you there is nothing. Boring as it may sound – take care of yourself and reap the rewards.

Don’t be a couch potato no matter what the temptation and learn a two lettered word where eating is concerned. No. It just requires a little bit of will-power. Find a friend with the same aim of slimming in mind and get walking together. Remember - if you have a dog, take him/her along with you then everyone will keep fit.

Did you have a puppy for Christmas? Why not take the easy way with our book Dog Training the Quick and Easy Way

With every good wish for the coming year and let’s hope that life smiles on all of us. How good would that be?

Thank you for reading this Newsletter and take care. Jo.

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