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Save Money Newsletter for October, 2012
October 26, 2012

Unfortunately the need to save money in winter increases because of the high fuel bills looming ahead.

If you have a slow cooker make good use of this by cooking cheaper cuts of meat to save money on both food and electricity. Cook yourself a winter warmer from one of the easy recipes on the page.

A way of dealing with minor problems such as chapped hands is also the cheapest. Use Aqueous Cream BP. See our page on Medicines . Read Tip No. 1 and don’t get snookered into buying any expensive products.

There are so many fraud schemes operating regarding credit and bank cards, that it is impossible to become too security conscious. The golden rule is never, ever giving any information over the telephone to anyone who telephones you asking you to quote your 16 digit credit card number or the three security numbers from the back of the card. Remember these crooks are so sophisticated they will even ask you to telephone them using the number on the back of your card. Don’t! Automatically assume you are about to be conned and you will probably be right because these crooks are continually perfecting ingenious ways to trap you.

Leave the matter for an hour and then ring your bank or credit card supplier and make checks with them. This time lapse defeats the crook’s system.

Please take time to read the following three pages. It will only take a few minutes and the time spent could save you a massive and expensive amount of trouble.

Security Against Fraud , Security Protection and Credit Card Transactions

Until next month, take care, keep warm and stay well. Thank you for reading this Newsletter. Jo.

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