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Save Money Newsletter for August, 2012
August 24, 2012

What a fantastic result for the Olympics. We are only a small country and yet we came third after China and the USA. Is there a bright statistician who can work out the percentages for comparison? Please let us know.

After making a brief guest appearance the summer holiday season is drawing to a close. Have you managed to take your holiday yet? If so was it a good one? If not, learn how to complain here and get value for your money.

On the subject of money and value, we estimate that coming out of the EU is the biggest save money venture this country will ever make. Yes, times may well be a touch difficult at first, but after that, when we have picked ourselves up and dusted ourselves down, we should all benefit. After all, Norway and Switzerland stayed out of the EU and seem to be doing remarkably. Surely this tells us something?

So what is stopping the UK? The Answer

Thank you for reading and until next month, take care, Jo.

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