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Save Money Newsletter for July, 2012
July 29, 2012

Summer has arrived – at last – maybe if just for a few days! Do make sure there is always fresh water available to your pets – they get hot as well.

Broadband offers. Whenever BT (or your broadband company of choice) makes fantastic offers to new customers, this is an indication to negotiate a cheaper/better deal for yourself. BUT take note – if you are successful you will need to watch the situation. Often when you get this reduction in price, you will be told that it is for 12 months only. So make a note in your diary or on the calendar to telephone and negotiate a new deal for a further year. Think Save Money!

To really save money in these trying times, you could do well to follow our Tip No 2. on If you can arrange your time to do this, you will really be on a savings winner.

If you grow some of your own veg. and have a surplus of courgettes, take a look Healthier Meals. and scroll down to Courgette Vegetable Bake. A tasty dish with four vegetables served at once.

Changing the subject, do enjoy the Olympics wherever you are. What a fantastic opening ceremony with HM The Queen and James Bond acting together. A once only performance! What country could possibly follow that? They would need a sporting Queen like ours.

Thank you for reading and until next month, take care, Jo.

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