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Save Money Newsletter for June, 2012
May 31, 2012

Money, money, money, in a rich man’s world. So as Abba sings - why not join in? Make some money.

The Government is now encouraging people to set up small enterprises, and it is a known fact that ladies are more likely to succeed than men. So ladies, what is stopping you?

This site believes in small entrepreneurs – just take a look at the books that appear in the right hand column of Save Money Guide Home Page scroll down and click on the book of your choice.

How to Start a Small Business is the first choice. Here you will find more than 40 ideas for small business start-ups, plus one that children can run. Each has an estimated start-up expense of just £20 which makes these businesses even more of a possibility.

Scroll up to the next that we suggest to Grave Concern This is more adventurous and is suitable for senior citizens as well. This business also has a low initial start up and with some hard work and initiative could be taken nationwide.

Going a few steps further down is Walk the Walk This is a business for two persons, one male and one female. It has the possibility of being a highly lucrative operation and if handled sensibly can make loads of money.

If you start a business you must be prepared to work hard. Think positive, think of the money you are likely to make and think of the difference the effort can make to your life.

Go for it. Make a difference to your life. Save Money Guide Home Page has increased steadily over the years, and is now a well known and thriving business. The result of some very hard work.

Take a minute to look at and try The Right Time for Shopping where you will find details of the new coupon operated system - DealChicken. Look for the little yellow chick and view today’s deal.

Enjoy the coming Bank Holiday weekend and the celebrations.

Thank you for reading and until next month, take care, Jo.

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