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Save Money Newsletter for May, 2012
April 29, 2012

This month the Cockney phrase ‘Can a duck swim?’ comes to mind.

When in doubt – declare a drought. Low and behold it will rain and rain and rain!

Staying with the water theme - when you are in the shower, spare a thought for the ‘dirty’ clothes you are casting off.

Go to our page and scroll down to items 16 and 17 and you will find two excellent new tips sent in by Joanne in Cheshire this month.

The first will save you money and the second will save you time and effort and put your knickers or pants to good use before they go in the wash. Our page will show you how.

Do you have a money or time saving tip? Why not pass it on to us so that we can pass it around for everyone to enjoy.

Apologies for the short Newsletter this month which is due to a painful, torn right bicep muscle.

Thank you for reading this and until next month, take care, Jo.

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