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Save Money Newsletter for December, 2011
January 27, 2012

Because your custom is valued only companies where a first class result has been achieved are recommended.

Recently Doggie Solutions proved to be giving what they claim – good quality, great prices and fast delivery. Well done Doggie Solutions – exactly what it says on the tin! Why not Take a look and see for yourself?

As promised, our web site make-over is now complete. The lay-out on each page is wider making for clearer, easier reading, the menu bar has been improved with many pages being re-written and updated. The old picture strip has been replaced on every page by more images amongst the text, making reading much more pleasurable. Enjoy!

With the credit squeeze all around, our pages are proving even more popular and useful. Don’t forget to tell your friends.

Government figures show that the largest number of unemployed people finding new jobs are those setting up their own business. Why not take advantage of our free book The Ultimate Business Manual for good, workable ideas? A time limit has now been placed on this offer of Tuesday, 31st January, 2012 so time to look sharp.

There are opportunities everywhere – this area desperately needs a window cleaner yet although there are unemployed people here no one is taking up the challenge. Why?

If you only made one New Year’s resolution, maybe this page Get Rid of Unwanted Pounds will help you on the way. Why not give Zumba a try? Then there are those bingo wings. Nuff said! But do take a look.

Healthy eating. OK. OK. That may sound boring, but it could well affect your whole life. Remember, there is only one you and without you there is nothing! Eat to Avoid Bowel Cancer

Until next month, take care, Jo.

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