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Save Money Newsletter for October, 2011
October 24, 2011

With great fanfare and a punchy TV advertising campaign, Tesco have announced their Price Drop. You will need to be a canny shopper to spot all the price cuts.

Displayed on the shelves is the standard white label with the words Price Drop to the right on this label. There is nothing else to draw your attention to those items that are reduced.

So keep your eyes well and truly open if you want to take advantage of these good offers. If Tesco are offering we are taking! Every little helps!

Could you live on a dime (or a penny)? That is a challenge. We have a page submitted by a new writer which maybe of interest.

Are you in business and do you need personal indemnity insurance? If so take a look at our new advertiser here.

Cold weather is just about on us and it would seem we are on our own regarding fuel prices. The Government are telling us to shop around and insulate. Which takes us to Are you weather proof? This page will tell you how to check all around your house inside and out for ways of securing your house for winter, and how to keep warmer.

Did you know that if you save just one penny per hour per day on your electricity bill, over the year you will save over 87. Surely something well worth aiming for?

In praise of Marfona potatoes, grown this year in the garden. A few days ago while cooking up a batch potatoes in readiness for mashing, creaming and then storing in the freezer, they somehow got forgotten. In total they were on the stove for 50 minutes (low heat). Expecting to find a pan of white mush, instead there was a batch of perfectly boiled potatoes. Jacketing, roasting and even over boiling - definitely a bonus. A good case for growing the Marfona variety again next year.

Until next month, take care. Jo.

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