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Save Money Newsletter for August, 2011
August 26, 2011

Having now given up hope of a decent summer, perhaps it is just best to think positive about the few good days we have had.

Do you grow any of your own vegetables? The emphasis being on the word any. A couple of large pots on the patio or decking could easily accommodate a tomato plant in each. Even window boxes have been called into service for a parsley plant and some radishes.

I have quite a small vegetable plot see The Gardening Diary

So far this year there has been an embarrassingly large crop of strawberries but friends willingly helped out. The following have also been harvested - garlic, (so easy to grow), red onions again easy from sets, Chinese broccoli - cutting and still coming, broad beans, French beans, courgettes (2 plants grown in amongst the shrubs). Bottling the beetroot has been started and the tomatoes are growing and ripening well in their re-usable grow bags.

On the down side was the failure of the Chinese Leaves which ran rapidly to seed due to lack of water early in the season. A point to be watched next year.

The potatoes that are growing in old compost bags are the Marfona variety, said to be excellent for cooking as jacket spuds. So far just two sacks have been harvested. They were laid to dry in the sun and are now stored in a brown paper sack ready for eating during the coming winter. The rest of the crop will be collected as the foliage on each individual bag dies down. This is such an easy and interesting way to grow potatoes and has resulted in lots of interest in friends who will be experimenting next spring. The onions will be plaited in a decorative rope.

Apart from the money saved, there is the pleasure of seeing what it is possible to raise in a small plot plus the benefit of the exercise etc.

All in all a good result. Why not get some ground prepared this autumn in readiness to take an early spring sowing?

If you have any advice or would like to make comments on the above, please drop me a line at

Until next month, take care Jo.

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