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Save Money Newsletter for June, 2011
July 29, 2011

I am not sure whether we are having a disastrous summer or a very mild winter here in the UK. Maybe - just maybe - the sun will pay us a visit over the weekend.

One company that has finally decided to pay us a visit is Morrisons Supermarkets and their article can be seen here This article includes two simple recipes which sound worth a try.

Why not save money on food? Impossible? Just try buying less of it, or more precisely, stop buying the wrong sort of food. Eat Well Tips Try cutting out some of the ciggys, booze and junk food.

Obesity in both children and adults is becoming very obvious Ė it is impossible to hide! Donít fall a victim of this problem. Just in case you donít know what your five-a-day are Ė and most men donít or prefer not to know Ė the above page will explain.

Being faced with a particularly dirty and large item of copper to clean, I chickened out, took the easy route and used Tip 18 . Not only is this mixture easier to use and cheaper than any of the commercial products on the market, the eventual result was far superior. Result - one shining copper log bin. Try on a small spot first to see what your result is likely to be.

Until next month when maybe summer will have started to show its sunny face, take care - Jo.

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