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Save Money Newsletter for June, 2011
June 24, 2011

In these chronic credit crunch days everyone is either looking for something free or perhaps ways of saving money. Here at Save Money Guide we can give you BOTH at the same time.

A fabulous free competition with an excellent prize for you to win. Just enter here For Your Free Book Best of luck and if you win just enjoy your prize!

Thinking about growing your own veggies?

Q. What is the best veg. to grow?
A. The most expensive to buy.

Have you thought of using your house to make money? Take a look here at Tips Nos. 9 and 10. One of these may well help your cash flow.

On the same theme, what about spare room money? Why not take a look at Earning spare room money

If you are a dog owner your dog would like you to read this on his/her behalf Your dog knows you will understand.

Not wishing to be a gloom and doom merchant, but 21st June the longest day has now gone. Amongst your thoughts of barbeques and holidays spare a thought for your house. Read here and be ready to keep warm during winter. June is a good month for working on outside repairs.

With good wishes and take care Jo.

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