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Save Money Newsletter for May, 2011
May 30, 2011

Now that there is possibility of sunny days ahead there is also the likelihood of spare tyres being revealed when baggy, warm sweaters are removed in favour of summer tops and dresses. Take a look at our page Lose Weight Eat Well

Do you fancy being paid to go shopping? Yes really! Why not enrol to be a Mystery Shopper? You will find details at Be a Mystery Shopper This can only be regarded as a part-time job, suitable for both men and women, but should be easy to fit it in with your present activities.

You may find yourself eating out in a restaurant one day or coming more down to earth, making a telephone complaint about a gas bill. Both would come within the job of a Mystery Shopper. Read all about it and see the agencies where you can register.

How are your feet? Now that summer is almost here, your feet are likely to be revealed in all their glory or not. Take a look at Summer Foot Care Advice Give your poor old feet a little consideration they have many more miles to travel and may be in need of help!

It is now almost essential for every small business to have a web site Earning Extra Income With this in mind, we have reviewed two systems that will be of help if you are setting up a business from home in order to make extra cash.

The house buying season is with us again. This is probably the biggest purchase you will make in your life time. Take very good advice (a been there done that scenario) and read the page about my personal experience when employing a A Damp and Timber Surveyor Learn how to save yourself hundreds, if not thousands of pounds.

Until next month, take care. Jo.

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